How to Sew a Simple Shower Turban

Updated on February 28, 2020
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Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.

Turn a Towel Into a Shower Turban!

Would you like to make a simple shower turban that can also be used to keep hair out of your face when you're applying makeup? I've sewn many of these turbans to give as gifts to family members and friends. My college and teenage granddaughters and their mothers love them and use theirs every day.

Now that summer is almost over, it is the perfect time to purchase beach towels because they are on clearance—you can get them at a terrific price! Last summer, I purchased the towel shown above for $4.98. This plush type towel measured 34"x62", and I made four turbans from it. Trust me when I say that you, and anyone you make a shower turban for, will love it. Let's get started!

What You'll Need

  • Beach towel, bath towel, or terry cloth fabric
  • 3/8" elastic
  • Pattern: Print out the sections and tape them together.

1. Get a Plush Beach Towel

This is the beach towel that I paid $4.98 for. Of course, I bought more of them because I wanted to make many shower turban gifts.

  • I like plush towels because I think they have a more expensive look, but regular beach towels would work also.
  • You can also use large bath towels or terry cloth fabric.
  • If the beach towels are purchased late summer, those towels are the best buy, cost-wise.

2. Fold the Towel in Half

Carefully fold the towel, making sure the edges are even. Lay your pattern on the towel to see which way gives you the most turbans. Pin and cut. Make a dot where the elastic will be inserted.

3. Four Turbans From One Beach Towel

This photo just shows you how I was able to get four turbans cut from one beach towel.

4. Elastic Fastener

Cut a 4" piece of 3/8" wide elastic, fold it in half, and insert it with the loop side to the inside. This should be between the turban pieces. Pin or baste in place.

5. Sew the Rounded Edge

Sew the rounded edge of the shower turban in a 1/2" seam. I found that if I pinned the edge before I started sewing, it kept the fabrics from shifting.

6. Zig-Zag the Sewn Edge

With a wide zig-zag stitch, finish the sewn edge. This will keep the edge from fraying and also contain the fuzz. Use a wide stitch with close-length stitches.

7. Hem the Straight Side

Start hemming the turban at the top or bottom seam. I find that if I make a small slash in the seam (about 1/4" from the edge) and turn it the opposite direction as the rest of the seam, it's easier to hem over the layers of fabric.

You're Finished!

Shower turbans are so easy to make and are a much-appreciated gift. Be sure to try one for yourself. If you need to make the turban larger or smaller, just add or subtract a half inch or inch to the straighter side of the turban pattern.

How To Use The Shower Turban

I know that it seems like it should be really easy to know how to put the turban on, but just in case you'd like to see pictures, I've included these. Haley's hair wasn't wet when these pictures were taken. Wet hair would be easier to tuck into the turban.

1. Tuck Your Hair Into the Turban

Tuck your long hair into the smaller part of the shower turban.

2. Do the Twist

Simply twist the small end of the turban with your hair tucked inside.

3. Slip the End Into the Elastic Loop

Slip the end into the elastic loop to hold your shower turban in place. Easy, wasn't it?The shower turban is in place. You can put on your makeup or curl up on the couch to watch a movie or read a book.

A Rave Review!

Haley, my granddaughter, said she loves the shower turban and uses it all the time.

Questions & Answers

  • How is the pattern pieced together when making a shower turban?

    On a flat surface, lay pattern piece "B" across. and to the right, of pattern piece "A." Then line up pattern piece "C" under pattern piece "A" and align pattern piece "D" alongside "C" and under "B." Then place pattern piece "D" under "B." Pattern piece "E" is blank, but is placed under "C" and pattern piece "F" is aligned with "E" and under "D." Now fold the pattern pieces at the broken lines, match the pattern lines and tape the pieces together.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 

      6 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      What a cool use for a beach towel. I love how this can be done for the good parts of a towel that has some damage.


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