Angel Wing Scrubbie: Free Crochet Pattern

Updated on February 1, 2018
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Angel Wing Scrubbies
Angel Wing Scrubbies

How to Make Angel Wing Scrubbies

Sometimes, happy accidents (we call them serendipitous events) happen, and this new design is one of those! I started out designing something completely different and then saw that I'd made an angel wing! I loved it, and it has given me many ideas for new designs using these wings!

This pattern is easy enough for any beginner, yet fun enough for anyone too. At about 3.5 X 4.5 inches, it's a great size for a face scrubbie. Make a stack of them, crochet a foot-long chain and run through the center holes to tie them together with a bow as a pretty gift set (or to keep them together in the wash!). You can also include them in a greeting card for a sweet surprise.

What You'll Need

  • Sugar n' Cream or any other cotton worsted weight yarn, in your choice of color
  • Crochet hook size G or preferred hook

You can use different yarns such as scrap yarns or threads and get good results! Just make sure to keep them similar in weight and thickness to prevent throwing off the pattern.

The Schnauzer Difficulty Rating! EASY
The Schnauzer Difficulty Rating! EASY

Let's Make the Magic!


Ch 5, join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1/

Ch 1, work 8 SC in ring. Join with sl st to first SC.

Round 2/

Ch 9, work 1 SC in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain (8 SC).

*Slip stitch into next SC on round 1. CH 1, turn.

SC in back loop only of next 8 SC. (Leave last stitch unworked). Ch 1, turn.

SC in back loop only of next 8 SC.

Repeat from * around. Leave last SC on round 1 unworked. End with sl st in round 1, fasten off.


If desired, make a chain about 12" long. SC in each ch across. Fasten off. Run through stacked wings' center holes and tie in a bow.

Completing The Wing
Completing The Wing

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      Kellie 2 years ago

      I found your page today while looking for patterns and saw your Angel Wing Scrubbie Free Pattern. WOW...they are very nice and I'll be making some for gifts. I like them much better than the round ones as it looks like you can hold on to them better. I love angels so they naturally caught my eye. Thanks for sharing your pattern!