Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Dresses

Updated on December 29, 2015

Precious Baby Dress Patterns Perfect for Your Little Princess

Are you looking to undertake the next step in your crochet journey and make a pretty dress outfit for a baby? Have you never crocheted one before and think it's too complicated? Then think again! There are fabulous easy and free baby dress patterns out there that will help you take that next stage in making baby clothes.

I love to make these pretty outfits and am always asked (usually last minute) if I can make a coming-home dress for a new baby. I have my favorite go-to patterns that I use time and time again. I wanted to put them a on one page for easy finding. Since I am also asked continuously for links to crocheted baby dresses, I thought it would be easier to collect them on one page for you all too.

If like me you're always looking for patterns, only to find pages full of broken and useless links. Well I am here to take the frustration out of searching for your next pattern. The crochet community has grown vastly over the last few years and many designers are setting up their own websites and hosting their own patterns. I like to find these independent designers and bring their fabulous work to you.

Please always visit and thank the individual designers for their generosity.

I am fortunate to know a lot of independent crocheters and as someone who writes their own patterns I know the amount of work it takes to write, test, and produce a pattern. So please remember to be considerate of their terms of use, say a huge thanks to them for giving their pattern to us for free. Most importantly, do not share their patterns. Instead, send your friends to the link where they can view the pattern.

Where I can, I will provide a picture of the completed dress, and basic information so you can decide immediately if it's something you wish to make.

*Please note this page will be updated when I find new patterns and complete new dresses.

Working Your Dress From the Yoke Down - Easy-to-Follow Pattern Once You Get the Hang of How It Is Made

Crochet dress worked from the neck down.
Crochet dress worked from the neck down. | Source
Beautiful Easy Crocheted Baby Dress
Beautiful Easy Crocheted Baby Dress | Source

You will be surprised to find that the easiest way to crochet a dress is by working from the neck down. You start by working in rows back and forth along your piece, increasing at certain points along the yoke (this then builds up your stitch count to fit the chest area).

You then fold over this piece and work from the middle of the last increases you made around, skipping the amount of stitches specified in the pattern (this creates the armholes).

And continue working in the round in the pattern specified.

The beauty of working like this from the neck down is that there are few seams to work together...Yay for those who don't like to weave in the ends!

One of the easiest and most simple dresses to crochet is Bev's infamous Angel Wings Pinafore. This is a timeless pattern and is seen in variations all over.


The Ideal Pattern for Beginners

Are you new to crocheting garments? Do not be nervous!

I do love hearing stories of how people have been inspired by my crochet and one of my good long-time friends Bev is a great example of moving on from the granny squares to produce some awesome work. She has just picked up crocheting again after a long break and when she saw this beautiful pattern from Redheart she knew she wanted to give it a go.

I think you will agree it turned out fantastic, and Bev now has the crochet bug again. Yay!

The dress is simple and worked from the neck down with the added frills and pleats to make this such an adorable dress.

Watch the video below on how to crochet this dress.

See What You Can Make

How about this little Christmas baby outfit.
How about this little Christmas baby outfit. | Source

Baby Girls Set

Ideal for beginners ready to go on to the next stage.

This is a firm favourite. It's a quick and easy to make angel-wings sleeper set, with a diaper and bootie pattern. This design was created by Abigail Goss and is a free pattern. I would suggest printing off this pattern for easier use.

I love the angel wings and the simple shell design for the skirt. So simple to create yet so effective.

Pattern calls for sport-weight yarn and an "I" hook.

Newborn crochet dress.
Newborn crochet dress.

Newborn Crochet Dress

Bev's Country Cottage patterns rock!

This pattern is from Bev's Country Cottage. If you do not get lost in Bev's site and beautiful patterns I will eat my yarn stash.

I love the simplicity and ease of the way her patterns are written and the many wonderful charity projects she makes and donates.

Please note that although measurements are given for a three-to-six month old, a reader's comments that it fits a newborn are worth noting.

Easy two-piece dress pattern.
Easy two-piece dress pattern.

Simple Baby Dress Worked in 2 Pieces

This little dress is worked in the traditional two-piece fashion. And It really is so simple to make.

There is also a matching hat pattern and sizes from one-to-three months, six-to-twelve months, and two-to-four years old.

This makes it a fail-safe pattern for all occasions.

Beautiful Crochet Patterns for Little Dresses

I am fortunate to know the designer behind patternsforcrochet, and I love her designs.

The two sets are available for free on her site both in UK and US terms. She has a set with bloomers and another little dress.

Please note: I have special permission to use the owner's photos and they must not be used without the site owner's expressed permission.

Ruffled purple dress.
Ruffled purple dress.

Gorgeous Ruffled Dress Pattern

You will find this dress by Jennifer Down Under is a little more time-consuming to make, yet still easy. The square-necked yoke and the gorgeous short ruffled sleeves makes this an easy-fitting dress.

The full skirt is absolutely beautiful and will look gorgeous on your little princess.

It's available in three sizes: three-to-six months; six-to-nine months, and nine-to-twelve months.

This patterns uses sports weight yarn and an E crochet hook.

White and pink baby dresses.
White and pink baby dresses.

Tutorial With Step-by-Step Photos

If you want to create a show-stopping dress then this is for you .

I love this little dress and have seen so many variations by the creative crocheters who have made it.

The new download available from Ravelry has step-by-step photos. In order to see them, you do need to be a member of Ravelry, which is an online community where designers can share their patterns, sign up is free and the patterns are so worth it. Warning: it's addictive!

Free Baby Dress Crochet Pattern
Free Baby Dress Crochet Pattern

Beautiful Full-Flared Skirt (0-3 Months Only)

The Country Willow is a firm favourite designer of mine and I truly appreciate that they have released some of their patterns for free.

Please note, whilst the zero-to-three month-sized pattern is free, the other sizes are paid. I think it's very generous of designers to give their patterns to us for free.

So please remember to pop in and say a huge thank you.

Ripple chevron baby dress on a doll.
Ripple chevron baby dress on a doll.

I love God's Tiny Angels, and they provide easy well-written crochet patterns for babies.

This chevron ripple baby dress is one of them. It's very simple and short. You can make it long-sleeved just by continuing the rounds on the sleeves.

Mine was worked from the neck down.

We love hearing what our readers think about how we can improve our crochet collections for you to keep safe and refer to again and again. Have you crocheted a baby dress and love the pattern? Would you like to see it featured here? Please leave us a message with the details.

My Favourite Crochet Baby Dress Patterns Book

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      only one other time, and it was for a baby doll. now I am looking for patters for baby dolls. Would like to start a project of getting used babydolls, cleaning them up, making clothes,blankets, etc to give to needy children helped by a Social worker friend of my daughters. The daughter is always giving the friend the childrens toys and clothes (always in good shape). The Social Worker appreciates everything she (and myself) sends.

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