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58 Free Doll Clothes Patterns: All Sizes

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


In this article you'll find many free doll clothes patterns. You'll find an image of the doll clothes item and the site address where you'll find the pattern. There are patterns for American Girl dolls, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, and more. There are crocheted items to make and knitted items to make.

To find the pattern and sewing information to make the beautiful bridal dress shown above, go to ChellyWood.com.


1. Leggings

These little leggings are just the cutest. You or your little girl will definitely want these for your doll. Find the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama. So cute!!


2. Pinafore or Sundress

A very simple pattern for making a cute pinafore for your doll. You'll find the pattern and instructions on the Welcome to the Mouse House site. Just a change in fabric prints or colors will make the pinafore unique.

3. How to Make Doll Rompers


4. Bikini

Just in time for the summer beach parties, comes this pattern and sewing instructions from My AG Doll Craft to make beautiful bikinis for your American Girl doll.


5. Barbie Patterns

You'll find a number of different Barbie patterns on the Janel Was Here site. These are all really cute fashions for your Barbie doll.


6. Doll Pattern Tip

Sometimes with doll patterns, especially Barbie doll patterns, it's easy to lose pieces because they are so small. This is a great tip for how to save your sanity and the pattern pieces. The blog that had this tip is no longer available. I read this tip which sounds like a winner to me: Iron the wrong side of your pattern to the waxed side of freezer paper before cutting the pieces out.

7. How to Make a No-Sew Doll Dress


8. Pajamas

Will it be easier to get your little angel ready for bed if she can dress her doll in pajamas also? Anything is worth a try if bedtime can be made easier. The pattern and sewing instructions for making these pajamas is found at All Things With Purpose.


9. Crocheted Sweater and Cap

I'm going to have to try my hand at making this sweater and cap for my granddaughter who has an American Girl doll. This is so cute and doesn't look to be too difficult to make. You'll find pictures and directions at Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart.


10. Baby Doll Bib and Dress

When you go to Bee in My Bonnet you'll see how she made this cute outfit. On her blog she sends you to a different site for the patterns, but I like the way she made an outfit out of the two patterns.


11. Leggings

On this site, About: Miniatures you can find information on how to make your own patterns, for any sized doll. Otherwise, use a trouser pattern, that fits your doll, to make the leggings.


12. Fleece Hats

Fleece is probably one of the easiest fabrics to work with because the seams don't ravel. So, making fleece hats will be a breeze when following the tutorial at The Tip Toe Fairy.


13. Hospital Gown

Of course, you don't want your dolly to get sick and need to go to the hospital, but if it happens make sure she's there in style wearing this hospital gown. Find the pattern and instructions for making this hospital gown at My AG Doll Craft.


14. Parka

Boy, I love this parka and would love to make it for my granddaughters American Girl Doll, Emily. I'll use the pattern and instructions at A Pinch of Joy when I have the right fabric to make it.


15. Chef Set

Do you like to have help in the kitchen? Prepare your favorite doll to help you by making her this chef set. The tutorial and patterns are found at Daydream Doll Boutique.


16. Headbands

Headbands are so easy to make that your favorite doll can have one for each of her stylish outfits. The instructions for making these headbands are found at American Girl Fan.


17. Fluffy Scarf

You'll love making doll clothes using fleece because you don't have to hem any seams. This especially cute fluffy scarf is so very easy to make. Find the instructions for making this beautiful scarf at American Girl Fan.


18. Fleece Poncho

You couldn't find an easier, or cuter, poncho to make for your doll. Easy enough to make for any sized doll without a pattern. To make this American Girl poncho, find the tutorial at AG Doll Play. A really great tutorial that has lots of pictures.


19. Barbie Wardrobe

Emby Quinn has patterns and sewing instructions for making about nine different Barbie clothing pieces. Use all your fabric scraps to make beautiful Barbie clothes.


20. Doll Panties Pattern

If you've ever priced doll panties, you'll notice they cost almost as much as little girls panties. Use left over knitted fabric or outgrown t-shirts to make cute little doll panties. Find a pattern and instructions for making doll panties at Make It & Love It.


21. Dress Pattern

If I understand right, patterns that fit an American Girl doll will also fit dolls like Madame Alexander and other 18" dolls. The pattern and sewing instructions for making this dress is found on the My Cup Overflows site.


22. Shirt and Pants

When you go to the Susan Kramer site for the pattern and instructions for making this shirt and pants, be sure to notice all the other free patterns she has also. A very useful site for all doll clothes makers.


23. Knit Fabric Dresses

Sewing with knit fabrics and making doll clothes using knit fabrics is just a little of the information that you'll find at The Craft Patch. You'll also find patterns for making a knit dress on the site.


24. Sweater Outfit

An old sweater was used to make this especially cute sweater outfit for an 18" doll, or an American Girl doll. Very easy to understand information on how to make this outfit without an actual pattern. Find all the info you'll need for this project at All Things With Purpose.


25. Leotard With Sleeves

You'll need to use stretch fabric to make this leotard for your American girl doll. The complete tutorial for making this outfit is found at Arts and Crafts for Your American Girl Doll.


26. Peasant Dress

You'll find the pattern and the sewing instructions for sewing this peasant dress at PA Country Crafts. More dresses shown on this page, The peasant dress is near the bottom.


27. Maxi Skirt

To make maxi skirts for your eighteen inch doll, like American Girl, go to Sew Adollable for a pattern and sewing instructions.


28. Cardigan

This knitted top would look so nice with a pair of cute jeans or a colorful skirt. Find the directions for this doll top at Cindy Rice Design.

29. Crochet a Mesh Sweater in Any Size


30. Barbie Lounge Socks

Mismatched gloves come to the rescue for making lounge socks for Miss Barbie. Find out how easy it is to make these attractive socks by going to Silkspike Dolls for the information.


31. T-Shirt

Make use of some of baby's outgrown t-shirts by using the cute fabric to make t-shirts for your doll. The pattern and instructions for making t-shirts can be found at Trillium Design.


32. Cowl Neck Knit Sweater

So, if you rather knit than crochet, here is a beautiful sweater for you to knit. The directions for making this knitted cowl neck sweater can be found at Crafting for Love.


33. Button Boots

Make button boots for eighteen inch, like American Girl, dolls using the instructions that you'll find at Cobblers Cabin. So very cute!! Check out other crochet items on this site also.


34. Dolly Diapers

These diapers are so easy to make that you'll want to make at least four to six of them for your dolly. Little girls love to change dolly's diapers. For the pattern and instructions for making diapers, go to Skip to My Lou.


35. Newsboy Cap

Isn't this just the cutest cap ever? You might have to find a pattern to make the little mommie one too. The pattern and instructions for making the newsboy cap is found at Daydream Doll Boutique.


36. Sweater Dress

You'll use a large long sleeved mens or womens sweather to make this 18" doll sweater dress. Find the tutorial for this doll dress project at Finding Pins & Needles.


37. Dolly Slippers

Dolly can have a pair of slippers to go with every outfit when you see how easy it is to make them. Find the pattern and instructions at Doll Project.


38. Faux Fur-Trimmed Knitted Cap

Another pattern for those folks that can knit. This super cute fur trimmed cap can be made following the instructions at ABC Knitting Patterns.


39. Mary Janes

Crochet Mary Janes to go with a winter outfit for dolly. The instructions for crocheting these cute little shoes is found at Mama That Makes.


40. Hooded Sweatsuit Set

Make this cute sweatshirt set for your 12" doll baby using the pattern and directions found at Peek-a-Boo Pages.


41. Dress and Bloomer Set

A simple dress and bloomer set to make for a 12" doll can be found on the Our Nesting Ground blog.


42. Baby Doll Cloth Diapers

Little mommy will love changing her baby doll using these cloth diapers. Find the pattern and directions to make these diapers at one little project.

43. 5 Tips for Sewing Doll Clothes


44. Sizing Patterns to Fit Your Doll

Many dolls of the same height, have differing body measurements. Check out this article, Rosies Doll Clothes Patterns, to help you adjust patterns to fit your doll.


45. 17" Cabbage Patch Kid T-shirt and Shorts

Make a wardrobe of t-shirts and shorts for your Cabbage Patch kid. Find the pattern and directions at Read Creations. In the blog archives of September, you'll also find patterns for pajamas for your Cabbage Patch kid.


46. Cabbage Patch Kid Robe

Make a bathrobe for your Cabbage Patch kid using the pattern and directions at 17" Cabbage Patch Kids.


47. 15" Disney Princess Pajamas

Sew this cute little pajama outfit for your 15" doll by going to Heartland Happy for the pattern and directions.


48. 15" Basic Dress

A very basic and easy to sew dress for your 15" doll. The pattern and directions are found at Heartland Happy.


49. Evening Gown for 16" Fashion Doll

I understand this pattern will fit 16" fashion dolls like FR16, Poppy Parker, Tulabelle of Integrity Toys, and Tyler Wentworth, Antoinette, Cami of Tonner Doll Company. Find the pattern for this evening gown at We Are Sewing For Dolls.


50. Chemise and Panty for 16" Fashion Doll

Another free pattern for the 16" fashion doll from We Are Sewing For Dolls. This chemise and panty set is a "must have" for your fashion doll.


51. Off Shoulder Gown for 28" Fashion Barbie

This long, off the shoulder gown pattern has a few other variations also. Find the pattern at Janel Washere. I'm sure you can use this pattern to make a short skirted dress.


52. Jeans and Shirt for 28" Fashion Barbie

I'm sure shorts could also be made using this pattern for jeans and a short and long sleeved version of shirt. A skirt pattern is included in this Free pattern by Chelly Wood. Be sure to read the instructions for enlarging the pattern before printing it.


53. Free Knitting Patterns for

There are many great knitting patterns for American girl and other dolls on this site. For the outfit shown above for an American girl doll, go to ABC Knitting Patterns.

For a category list of free knitting patterns for dolls, go to ABC Knitting Patterns.

54. Making Clothing for LOL Doll


55. Groovy Girl Doll Skirt

You'll find the pattern to make this Groovy girl skirt at Craft Gossip. On this same site you can find a halter top for your doll. On the right side of the site menu there is a Search box. Type in "strappy shirt for doll" to be taken to the shirt pattern page.


56. Groovy Wardrobe

Find the patterns and instructions for making these cute little dresses for a Groovy Girl doll at Fabric Girl Designs.


57. Sasha Summer Fun

You'll find nice selection of patterns for the 16' Sasha dolls. This Sasha summer fun collection is found under the Sasha Summer Fun tab.


58. Wellie Wisher Ensemble

Just click on the pattern image to find the free Wellie Wisher ensemble, and other patterns to fit this doll.

Questions & Answers

Question: is there a pattern for LOL dolls?

Answer: I didn't find any patterns for fabric clothes for LOL dolls, but did find a video, #54.

Question: I need knitting patterns to fit an 18" American girl doll. Where do I find them?

Answer: I found a nice list of free knitting patterns for dolls, which include American girl doll patterns. You'll find them under #53 in the doll clothes article.

Question: I need patterns to fit a 26" inch Barbie fashion doll. Where do I find them?

Answer: The patterns I've found are for a 28" Barbie fashion doll. That is probably what you have. Check #51 and #52 for the free patterns I found.

Question: Are there patterns for Groovy Girl dolls? Came across a lot of free dolls but they had no clothes. There are a few patterns on Pinterest but not looking to pay for them since the dolls were free. Thanks in advance.

Answer: I found two sites with Groovy Girl doll patterns. You'll find them at the bottom of the article.

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I found a couple of free patterns for 17" Cabbage Patch kids. Check projects 45 and 46.

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