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What Happened to Magic Crochet Magazine?

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Crocheters who want to get inspiration, ideas, and patterns for their work frequently turn to crochet magazines as a terrific resource for such information. If you go online to search for good crochet magazines, you will quickly find that there are a lot of people asking about a magazine called Magic Crochet magazine. This is one of the most popular crochet magazines ever, and yet it’s not around today. What happened to Magic Crochet?

What Is Magic Crochet Magazine?

Magic Crochet magazine is a UK-based magazine about crochet. It has articles, patterns, and loads of different crochet information, just like you would expect from any good crochet magazine. It was especially good for crocheters who were focused on thread crochet (as opposed to yarn). It frequently focused on lacy, thread-based crochet designs like doilies and tablecloths.

What many people loved about this crochet magazine was that there was a translation from the European instructions to the North American instructions. (Crochet instructions and yarn weights are slightly different in each of these places, so it is a lot easier to follow patterns if a translation is offered.) Many crochet magazines don’t offer such a translation, which is a core reason that Magic Crochet became popular even outside of the UK.

Magic Crochet Up and Disappeared

In 2005, Magic Crochet magazine suddenly just disappeared from the market. People who regularly purchased this crochet magazine off of the shelves found that it just wasn’t there anymore, and they weren’t given an explanation. They looked up the advertisers who were known for selling subscriptions to Magic Crochet, and they found that the magazine had been quietly removed from the listing. No one really knew what had happened.

At the time, there were many people who had subscriptions to Magic Crochet. After April 2005, their subscriptions just stopped showing up. In order to find out what was going on, many of these people called the magazine distributor. They were told that the magazine was being reformatted and combined with some other magazines (not crochet-based). It took about six months before a new issue was released, and when it was released, it was a thing magazine with few patterns and much more emphasis on sewing than on crochet. That’s not what people want from their crochet magazines, so a lot of folks were really disappointed! Ultimately Magic Crochet just disappeared entirely.

Magic Crochet Magazine Today

Even though it’s been quite a few years since Magic Crochet exited the market, there are still a lot of people who are interested in this crochet magazine. All around the web, you can still find people discussing it. You can also find people selling back issues of Magic Crochet. People who have entire collections of all of the volumes of the old magazine are considered very lucky crocheters indeed!

Some of the reasons that people today are continuing to buy these old copies of Magic Crochet include:

  • This is truly a high-quality crochet magazine. The patterns, the information, and the translations all combine to make this a crochet magazine that stands out from the pack even though new editions haven’t been produced since 2005.
  • The crochet designs in this magazine are timeless. Because Magic Crochet focused primarily on doilies, tablecloths, and other classic home décor items, it doesn’t matter that the patterns are old. In contrast, a magazine that focused primarily on fashions would now be out of date since the trends change so much in that area.
  • Granny chic is super trendy! In addition to all of the people who were already interested in crocheting doilies and tablecloths, there is an entirely new generation of folks that have taken up this trend. Granny chic is a popular new style that celebrates doilies and other items that haven’t been around the home for decades. These people are highly interested in the vintage designs for those home items that were featured regularly in Magic Crochet magazine.

Other Crochet Magazines

Crochet magazines are definitely a niche industry. Magazines themselves are starting to fade from the market since it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly, and easier to get digital magazines instead of paper magazines. Crochet is a small portion of the already niche industry of fiber arts.

As a result, there aren’t a lot of crochet magazines on the market today, and there’s definitely a gap ever since Magic Crochet magazine disappeared. However, there are a few great crochet magazines that you can get, and although they won’t replace Magic Crochet for former subscribers, they do offer a nice alternative.

In the U.S. magazine market, the leading crochet magazines are Crochet!, Crochet Today!, Crochet World, Quick & Easy Crochet, and Interweave Crochet magazine. That last one is published quarterly, and the others are all published every other month. Magic Crochet used to be a monthly magazine; the fact that magazines today aren’t published as frequently reflects the need to limit production in the market to keep it affordable to print these magazines and to make sure that they don’t have to disappear off of the market as well!

In terms of UK magazines, the best choice is probably Inside Crochet. This is one that North Americans do purchase although it’s more popular in the UK and it probably isn’t as popular here as Magic Crochet once was. The Art of Crochet is another UK magazine that helps to fill in some of the gap left by the disappearance of Magic Crochet.

Were you a Magic Crochet magazine lover? Share your stories about this crochet magazine in the comments below!


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