How to Use the BeDazzler Rhinestone Setting Craft Tool

Updated on October 24, 2018
Rhinestones can be affixed by glue or a rhinestone-setting tool.
Rhinestones can be affixed by glue or a rhinestone-setting tool. | Source

Tips for Using the Gemstone Setter

The BeDazzler (and similar machines such as GeMagic and others) decorate fabrics and garments by the prong gemstones that are pushed into them. There are many brands of rhinestone setters, with the BeDazzler being a popular original. Typical kits come all-inclusive containing many rhinestones in different colors, a book on how to use it, and the tool itself. The rhinestones pictured above are set with glue. Make it easy by using a tool that affixes them by stapling them onto the garment.

Have a rhinestone design kit and lost the instructions? Or perhaps received one second-hand or as a hand-me-down? Here are basic instructions on how to use it, how to change the plungers, and how to identify the size of the rhinestones by the size chart.

What a Basic Kit Contains

  • The BeDazzler rhinestone designer tool
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Studs
  • Different printed patterns for designing garments
  • Stud stuffer tool
  • Plungers
  • Instruction book for the rhinestone tool

The instructions will refer to different parts of the machine. Here is a description so you know what it is being talked about.

The Basic Parts to the Machine:

  • Hinge (lifts it up and down like a stapler)
  • Plunger holder (holds a plunger)
  • Plunger (holds the rhinestones)
  • Plunger point (the end part of the plunger attaching the rhinestones to the garment)
  • Setter plate (bottom piece that is screwed to the base)
  • Base (bottom part of the machine)
  • Setter arm (part the lifts up like a stapler, and that holds the plunger/plunger holder)
  • Stud stuff tool (plastic attachment that helps to push very sharp rhinestones into the plunger)

How to Use the BeDazzler Tool

How to Change Plungers

The plungers are what sets the rhinestones into place. To remove any plunger, lift up the top of the machine (like a stapler). Grab the plunger and pull out. It may be set in firmly, so tug it out. The plunger holder also pulls out. Replace the plunger type with another number needed for the size of rhinestone for the garment design and push in place. Place the setter arm down, lining up the guide slot on the holder inside the setter arm.

How to Adjust Setter Plate:

The setter plate needs to be changed whenever the plunger size is changed. Match up the setter plate with the plunger point to make sure it matches up correctly. Loosen the setter plate by unscrewing it underneath the machine. When the nut is turned, the plate becomes loose, making it easy to line up the point to the plate. Once the desired bottom plate indention is found with the plunger point, twist the screw underneath to hold in place.

How to Use the Machine to Set the Rhinestones

Lift up the setter arm. Place the stud of the rhinestone inside the plunger with the prongs facing outward. The stud stuffer tool helps to push the rhinestones into place if they are too sharp to do it by hand. Place the garment right side up over the setter plate. Line up exactly where you want the rhinestone attached. Press firmly down to press the points of the rhinestone through the garment and onto the presser plate, turning the prongs inward and locking them in place on the garment.

Rhinestone & Plunger Sizing Chart

(click column header to sort results)
Rhinestone Size  
Plunger Size  
9mm rhinestone
#40 plunger
8mm rhinestone
#34/#40 plunger
7mm rhinestone
#34 plunger
6.5mm rhinestone
#30 plunger
6mm rhinestone
#30 plunger
5mm rhinestone
#20 plunger
Use the correct size plunger for the rhinestones being used.

© 2010 Ruby Shelton


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