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Pastel Goth Coffee Cozy

Kimberly is a 19-year-old jewelry artist, soap maker, and crocheter. She lives happily with her boyfriend in northern Minnesota.



This coffee cozy is super easy to crochet using only the chain, double crochet, and half double crochet stitches. It can be made in about 30 minutes and uses very little yarn. You can use any color worsted-weight yarn that you would like, but I used Redheart Super Saver for this pattern.

This pattern will also call for organza ribbon, but the type of ribbon can be substituted.

Supplies and Abbreviation


  • Petal Pink Redheart Super Saver Yarn
  • Size H Crochet Hook (5.0mm)
  • Darning Needle, for weaving in the ends
  • Organza Ribbon


Ch: Chain

DC: Double crochet

HDC: Half double crochet

slst: Slip-stitch


Ch 37

Row 1- Ch 2, DC into each stitch around. Join with slst

Row 2- Ch 1, HDC into each stitch around. Join with slst

Row 3-7- Repeat rows 1 and 2

Row 8- Ch 2, DC *ch 1 skip 1 stitch DC* Repeat * around. Join with slst

Row 9- Ch 1, 1 HDC per DC and ch space. Join with slst.

Tie off.


To finish, take your organza ribbon and weave it in between each of your ch 1 spaces. You will want to leave enough organza ribbon on each end to be able to tie into a bow. Double knot your bow so it doesn't come undone. You will want to gently pull down your strings equally to give a cute dangle.


  • Use back yarn and make a chain long enough to tie into a bow.
  • Use any other black ribbon, or make the pattern in black with a pastel ribbon.
  • Use a few strands of yarn; it makes a cute effect.
  • Use any old strings or ribbons you think might look nice!

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