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Knitted Halloween Frankenstein Doll (With Pattern)

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My Completed Frankie Halloween Doll

My Completed Frankie Halloween Doll

Knitted Halloween Dolls Make Great Crafts

With every new doll I design I always say it is my favourite and it is, until the next one comes along. Frankenstein was no different. Still, he does have a special place in my heart as his eyes and shoes pushed me out of the comfort zone I had got into with my designs.

I imagined Frankenstein as a boxer, ready to go into the ring and stand his corner. A follower of my knitting patterns once described Frankenstein's loose eye as epic and I think that word completely sums him up. From his loose eye to his block shoes, he is epic.

Frankenstein's eyes and shoes are slightly challenging but slowing down and taking your time can ease the process along with making full use of the how-to videos I have included. You could also post a question here if you get stuck.

Below, I share my design process, useful videos about knitting techniques as well as my free pattern for my knitted Frankenstein. There are many more free knitting patterns on this account for you to use.


Necessary Materials (Knitted Frankie Doll)

  • 25g Black double knitting yarn (Yarn A)
  • 25g Green double knitting yarn (Yarn B)
  • Small amount of white double knitting yarn
  • Small amount of medium blue double knitting yarn
  • Small amount of red double knitting yarn
  • One pair of 3 mm knitting needles or double pointed needles
  • Toy Filling
  • A darning needle

I usually choose my colours using Stylecraft Special DK.

Useful Info

  • Leave long yarn tails on your cast on/off pieces as they are the best/strongest way of sewing up your toys.
  • When sewing the nose & mouth, tie a single knot into the end of the yarn leaving about a 2 cm tail.
  • Starting at the back of the head, push the needle through to the front at the point where you want to place the features, pull until the knot & tail disappear & sew as required. If a little of the tail still shows, pull it gently & carefully snip with scissors close to the body.
  • Once you are happy with the facial features you secure the yarn in the same way – tie a double knot in the excess yarn about 3 cm from your toy
  • Take the yarn through to the back of the head, pull the yarn slightly until the knot disappears and snip close to the body. The knot will help secure the yarn inside the body and prevent unravelling.
  • The nose is 3 stitches in the same spot, laying the stitches side-by- side as you stitch.
  • The mouth is just 3 single, straight stitches laying horizontally and then 5 evenly placed vertical stitches across the top & bottom of the mouth for the scar effect.

I have included How To videos for the knit stitch and the purl stitch below.

Frequently check your picture of Frankie to check for placement tips.

The Body

  • Using colour black, cast on 40 sts.
  • Stocking stitch 15 rows.
  • Change to colour green and stocking stitch 30 rows.
  • Cast off.

Making Up the Body

  • With right sides together, sew side seam together using back stitch & alternating yarn colours as needed. You can use an alternative method of sewing up if you wish e.g. mattress stitch.
  • With wrong side facing & seam at centre back, over sew bottom end together. Turn right side out and fill with toy filling.
  • Over sew top seam together – keeping the seam at centre back.
  • You now have a small pillow shape ready to add the character.

The Arms (Make Two)

  • With colour green, cast on 8 stitches.
  • Garter stitch 2 rows.
  • Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 22 rows.
  • Garter stitch 3 rows.
  • Cast off.

Making Up the Arms

  • With wrong side facing (purl side) – fold the cast on edge towards the cast-off edge, stopping 2 rows under the final 3 garter stitch rows. So, one side of the arm will be a bit longer than the other.
  • Using your tail ends - Over sew neatly along both side seams.
  • Lightly fill with toy filling. Using the picture on the front of your pattern as a guide, position arms and sew in place. The shorter side of the arm should face forwards. The longer side of the arm should sit to the back as the longer tab helps the arms to sit more snug to the body. I use the garter stitch rows on the front and back of the arms to sew along as your stitches will be barely noticeable.

The Shoes (Make Two)

  • With colour black cast on 7 stitches
  • Garter stitch 3 rows
  • Row 4. Purl.
  • Rows 5. Knit.
  • Row 6-11. Starting with a purl row-continue stocking stitch.
  • Rows 12. Knit (this defines the top front of the boot edge).
  • Row 13-17. Starting with a knit row – continue in stocking stitch.
  • Row 18. Knit (this defines the lower front edge of the boot).
  • Row 19-32. Starting with a knit row-stocking stitch.
  • Row 33-35. Garter stitch.
  • Cast off knit wise.

Shoe Side Panels

  • Starting at one side of the row ends between rows 1 to 11-pick up and knit 11 Sts.
  • Row 1. Knit.
  • Row 2. Purl.
  • Row 3. Knit.
  • Cast off knit wise.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.

To Make Up the Shoes

  • Sew the short side of the shoe side panels between the top front and bottom front edge garter stitch rows.
  • Sew the long edge of the shoe side panels (bottom) to the bottom of the boot.

Note: the bottom of the shoe will be longer than the top.

  • Stuff with toy filling shaping in to an oblong with your fingers.
  • Using your picture as a visual guide for placement, sew shoe (longest side is the bottom of the shoe) to one side of the bottom of Frankie’s body using a back stitch along the gap between the knit rows at the back of the shoes. Then bring your yarn to the front (top) of the shoe and over sew, attaching the front of the shoe to the bottom front of the body.
  • Remember to use the photo as a visual guide.

Eye Hole (Make One)

With colour black cast on 3 sts.

Row 1. Kfb, k1, kfb = 5 sts.

Row 2-4. Starting with a purl row continue in stocking stitch.

Row 5. Ssk, k1, k2tog = 3 sts.

Cast off purl wise.

Attaching the Eye Hole

Placing the eye hole sideways and using your picture as a guide – sew in place.

Loose Eye (Make 1)

Using a small amount of red yarn – cast on 1 st.

Knit 3 rows.

Row 4. Knit into the front & back of your stitch alternately until you have 8 stitches, so knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, and purl all into same stitch.

Row 5. Knit. Change to white yarn.

Row 6. Knit.

Row 7. Purl. Change to medium blue yarn.

Row 8. Knit.

To Make Up the Loose Eye

Cut yarns used leaving tails. Thread medium blue tail onto a darning needle, push through all 8 Sts & pull up tight.

Sew blue side together.

Sew white sides together using white yarn tail.

Fill lightly with toy filling.

Sew red sides together using red yarn tail.

Attaching the Loose Eye

Sew the eye using the red cast on tail to the centre of the black eye hole. Using a small amount of black – back stitch a couple of stitches in the centre of the blue part of the eye for the iris.

The Second Eye (Make 1)

Using colour white cast on 8 Sts.

Starting with a knit row – stocking stitch 2 rows.

Cut yarn leaving a tail. Change to medium blue yarn.

Knit 1 row.

Cut yarn leaving a tail.

To Make Up the Second Eye

Thread the medium blue tail onto a darning needle, push through all 8 Sts & pull up tight.

Sew the medium blue eye sides together.

Sew the white sides together using one of the white yarn tails.

Fill lightly with toy filling.

Thread the 2nd white yarn tail and using a running stitch sew around the start of the eye.

Pull up tightly and still with the same yarn tail and using your picture as a guide sew to Frankie’s face.

Belt and the Belt Buckle

Using colour black cast on 42 sts.

Starting with a knit row, stocking stitch 4 rows.

Cast off purl wise.

Sew row ends together.

Place between the top of Frankie’s trousers and his body and sew in place. I used a back stitch.

Belt Buckle

Using your small amount of white yarn cast on 7 Sts.

Starting with a knit row stocking stitch 8 rows at the same time slip the first stitch on the knit row purl wise and slip the first stitch on the purl rows knit wise.

Cast of knit wise.

Swiss Darn or Duplicate Stitch the letter F onto the belt buckle. See the How To Do Swiss Darning or Duplicate Stitch video below.

Sew the belt buckle to the centre front of Frankie’s belt. Use your picture as a guide.


I did the hair by using a pencil, slightly dampened, and faintly drawing the outline of the hair style I wanted around the top of Frankie’s head. I then threaded my darning needle with a long length of black yarn & long stitched the hair from front to back following the faint pencil lines.

You can even split the hair stage in two if you find it easier by long stitching from your pencil line up to and including the seam on the top of the head – all the way along the front then turn Frankie round so that the back is facing you and do the same for the back of the hair.

There is no right hair style to long stitch. Frankie can have any hair style you wish. Use your picture as a guide if you want a similar hairstyle to the one I have created.

Black Scar Lines

Thread a long piece of black yarn and using your picture as a guide – long stitch scar lines on Frankie’s mouth and arms. Also see the Useful Information at the top of this article.

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