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How to Make an Umbrella Pattern Anarkali Churidar: Cutting and Stitching

Sew the sleeves and top portion

Sew the sleeves and top portion

Anarkali Churidar: Cutting and Stitching

This article is meant to share my experience in stitching another type of Anarkali churidars. This Anarkali is a frock-like dress with an umbrella-cut pattern starting from the chest. It is usually made with flowy materials, like chiffon. Because this was my first trial, I used a poly-cotton material. Here are some other things you should keep in mind:

  • This type of Anarkali is made with brocade cloth in the chest portion and chiffon material in the bottom portion, where all the flare comes into play. Note: I stitched my flared portion using poly cotton.
  • There are many types of Anarkali suits. A simple Google search will lead you to a variety of designs and patterns. This pattern, in particular, was an already pre-made one that belonged to one of my friends, who'd given me hers to experiment with.
  • This pattern is made out of colorful brocade and net material. While I was very eager to stitch the same, the preparation was too tedious of a process compared to stitching a more simple churidar. It takes effort to create the flare.

With that said, please read on to learn about my experience.

Bonus: For beginners, check out my article on stitching a churidar, with a step-by-step explanation.

Cutting and stitching the bottom portion

Cutting and stitching the bottom portion

Anarkali Churidar Cutting

  • The top portion: From the red brocade cloth, measure the top portion by matching the length from that of the pattern.
  • Sleeves: From the poly-cotton (the green material), the sleeves are measured along the lining and then cut along them. Also, make sure you make room for the red brocade piping at the sleeves.
Cutting the umbrella portion (sketch)

Cutting the umbrella portion (sketch)

Anarkali Churidar Cutting

  • The umbrella portion: First, fold the poly-cotton green material into four. Then, mark the pieces as shown in the picture below and then stitch it back carefully. Afterward, watermark the width needed and mark a curved portion in the top and measure an equal length from each portion and cut the same.
  • Repeat this step and cut the lining as well.

Anarkali Dress Stitching

  1. First, join the shoulder pieces and neck portion of the front brocade along the lining, and then reverse.
  2. Do it the same way for the back brocade piece, and then join the two front and back portions.
  3. Now, do this with the piping of the sleeves along with the lining and then join the sleeves to the body portion.
  4. Join the umbrella portion to the body part and stitch the top portion completely from sleeves to bottom -- the Anarkali top is ready.
  5. Now, stitch the bottom portion as explained in the other article.



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