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How to Stitch a Designer Long Frock for Your Child: Pattern-Cutting

Anna in her long frock.

Anna in her long frock.

How to Stitch a Long Frock

Wondering how I stitched a long frock for my daughter Anna? This frock has many flairs but is very easy to make.

I frequently create new patterns of frocks for Anna. I'll start by researching inspiration images and creating a design in my mind (while keeping in mind that the finished product may be completely different!).

Another picture of the long frock.

Another picture of the long frock.

Materials Needed

Anna, who was three at that time, didn't require much for her long frock.

I bought:

  • Pink net material with a white print (3.5 meters)
  • Pink satin material for the lining (1.5 meters)
  • Dark pink lace to decorate the frock and also to create the headband (1 meter)

There was not a piece of material wasted!

Cutting the Pattern

See the sketches below for a better idea of how the pattern should be cut. Please note that these are not technical or professional explanations.

For measuring, it is better to first use an already correctly fitted frock of your child.

  1. Place it along with the net material, which should be folded into four as we do it for Churidars. Note: Be sure that you take a portion towards the end of the whole net material to avoid waste.
  2. Now, cut the top portion and split the front and back end. Cut the back portion along the middle so that it will be open on the back of the frock.
  3. Then, take just enough cloth for tying the frock and make an equal portion of the rest of the material to stitch the bottom portion.
  4. For the top, take the same lining material measurement and leave the rest for the bottom. Also, make sure you cut enough cloth for tying the top to the neck.
Pink net material

Pink net material

Cutting the top portion

Cutting the top portion

Front portion after cutting

Front portion after cutting

Back portion after cutting and cut along the line to cut it right

Back portion after cutting and cut along the line to cut it right

Rest of the portion for the bottom

Rest of the portion for the bottom

Final Outcome (stitching together)

Final Outcome (stitching together)

Making the top to tie the frock towards the neck

Making the top to tie the frock towards the neck

How to prepare the tie at the neck portion

How to prepare the tie at the neck portion

Stitching the Frock

  • Top: Join the lining with the front net material, with the good side of the net cloth inside. Then, revert the same. Likewise, do this for the back portion also.
  • Bottom: Now, stitch the bottom portion and the lining to the top portion -- this is for both the front and backside. Stitch the cloth to tie the frock separately, join the top, and front, and then stitch together the front and back portions.
  • Neck: Then, stitch the cloth to tie the frock to the neck. Note: To create a special look, stitch the lace towards the neck and also to the waist of the frock. With the rest of the lace, a headband also can be created.



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Aditi Naik on February 21, 2017:

It's beautiful frock and easy to stitch. Mam in the back side pic of frock, it shows that there is another tie belts at wast. Is it so?

DEEPA JOHN (author) from Trivandrum, Kerala,India on October 31, 2016:

no I haven't put anything other than satin for line... if we use cotton lining under the satin, kids will be more comfortable if the atmosphere is hotter...

Madhuri on September 23, 2016:

Is there any other lining material back of the satin cloth

Alekhya on June 08, 2016:

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DEEPA JOHN (author) from Trivandrum, Kerala,India on April 19, 2013:

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Dil Vil from India on April 19, 2013:

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