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How to Sew Mini Crib Fitted Sheets (Easy With Pictures)

I have always loved creating things. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, and quilting, among many other arts.

Easy, step-by-step directions for making your own mini crib sheets.

Easy, step-by-step directions for making your own mini crib sheets.

DIY Fitted Sheets for a Mini Crib

If you own a mini crib, most likely the Alma Mini Crib, you have discovered that there is only one crib sheet available on the market. It is organic, but it only comes in plain white and it's kind of pricey. Here are easy, step-by-step directions on how to make your own.


  • 1½ yards of fabric for each sheet you want to make (You should be able to make one with 1¼ yards, but if you shop somewhere where they cut fabric crookedly, you might be cutting it too close, so it is better to be safe.)
  • 54” of ¼” elastic for each sheet you make
  • 1 medium-sized safety pin
  • Sewing thread

Step 1: Wash, Dry, and Iron Fabric

The first step is to wash, dry, and iron your fabric or fabrics. If they are very different colors or you are unsure of how colorfast they are it’s a good idea to launder them separately.


Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

Trim your fabric to make sure it’s square/straight. This step was especially important for the sheets I made, because all three patterns were on a grid and any crookedness would have been evident once the sheets were done. Now you're ready for the real work.

Cut your fabric down to a 48 ½” X 30 ¾” rectangle. (See note at bottom for different sized baby mattresses.)

Then cut out what I call the corner squares; these are 4 ¼” X 4 ¼”.

Here's what the piece of fabric looks like once it's been cut:


Step 3: Pin and Sew Your Corners

Now you’re almost ready to start sewing. First pin the right sides of each of the corner squares together. You could do these one at the time—pin one corner, go sew it then pin the next corner and so on—but I prefer to pin them all and then go sew them all at once.


Sew each corner using about a ¼ “seam. Although you want your fabrics cut straight, absolutely precise seams are not necessary (this is not a quilt!) and most of the sewing ends up under the mattress where no one will see it.

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