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How to Make a Towel Hair Turban to Dry Your Hair

Loretta learned to sew on her grandma's treadle sewing machine. She began sewing her own clothes in 7th grade and still enjoys fabric work.


Easily Create a Towel Turban to Dry Your Hair

You can create a useful turban to dry your hair for use at home, travel, or camping. Bath towels are often large and cumbersome while hand towels are often too small. Some accommodations only provide one towel per person which can leave you standing there with wet hair. Make a terry cloth turban the right size for your head and for your suitcase!

Step 1: Choose Your Fabric

You can create a turban to dry your hair from several sources:

  • A bath towel folded in half lengthwise.
  • Two hand towels at least 24 inches long.
  • Purchased terry cloth or stretchy micro-fabric.
  • An old robe.

By using the selvages of the towel or fabric for the long edge of the turban you can avoid making a hem, although it isn't difficult to do. If you cannibalize an old robe you will probably need to hem around the long edge.

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Fabric

My fabric is remnant from purchased terry cloth. I have folded it with the selvages together so I don't have to sew a hem. If you are using a bath towel, fold it in half lengthwise and use the edges for the bottom. You can also use two 24-inch hand towels with the edges meeting at the bottom.

  • Mark the deepest part at 9 or 10 inches up from the edge.
  • If you have thick luxurious hair mark this area a bit larger.
  • Mark the tail at 2 inches up from the edge.
  • Be sure the bottom edge is no less than 24 inches long.
  • Cut a curved line from the 10 inch indication to the 2 inch indication.

Please see each thumbnail below.

Step 3: Seam the Curve, Adding an Elastic Loop

Sew or serge the curved edge. If sewing, be sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end. I would also go back and zigzag the raw edges of the seam. If serging, be sure to use a seam sealant to secure each end.

In either case, cut a small loop of elastic and sew the tails of it into the narrow two-inch seam. Leave about 3/4 of an inch for the loop. I used golden decorative elastic which comes in a little blister pack in the crafts area.

Step 4: Choose and Hand Sew the Button

Choose a button that will fit through the elastic loop. Hand sew the button about an inch above the edge at the opposite end from the elastic loop.

Please see each thumbnail.


To wear, bend over and place the large rounded section over your head and tuck your hair inside. Stand up and twist the tail bringing the elastic loop back to the button and secure.

You now have a useful turban to use at home or for travel. Enjoy!



Back of turban

Back of turban

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