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How to Sew a Towel Chair Cover

Loretta learned to sew on her grandma's treadle sewing machine. She began sewing her own clothes in 7th grade and still enjoys fabric work.

This DIY chair cover will hold all of your pool essentials!

This DIY chair cover will hold all of your pool essentials!

Lounge Chair Towel Cover

Learn how to create chair covers with convenient pockets for either elongated lounge chairs or regular lawn chairs. I will show the chaise version, which you can modify by using only one beach towel or an oversized bath towel. Be sure to click each thumbnail for more information.

Step 1: Decide the Number and Size of the Covers

  • Three towels of 65 inches length are required for two 77-inch long lounge covers with back pockets
  • One beach towel will suffice for one lawn chair cover - start with Step 4
  • Bath towels or bath sheets may be utilized
  • Measure your chairs and your towels to verify your needs
Cut one of the three towels in half.

Cut one of the three towels in half.

Step 2: Cut Towels as Needed

Depending on your number and size of covers, cut for extra length as required. I needed to cut one beach towel in half to achieve my length for two long covers.

Sew or serge one cut edge to an edge of a whole towel.

Sew or serge one cut edge to an edge of a whole towel.

Step 3: Sew or Serge Raw Edge to Full Towel

Sew or serge the raw edge of the cut towel to one end of a full towel, right sides together. Serging will finish the seam nicely. If you sew instead, sew a straight stitch and then zig-zag the edge to prevent raveling.

Your seam will be better if you cut away the selvage of the full towel before sewing.

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Step 4: Determine the Size of the Pockets, Fold, and Sew

I wanted three pockets and wanted them to be 6 inches deep. I also wanted about a 14-inch overhang for the back of the chair. Your overhang could be less, especially if you are using one towel. You just need enough to slip over the back of the chair to keep it in place.

For the pockets, fold the selvage edge of the overhang section up 6 inches, right sides together. This will end up with the wrong side of the towel to the outside, but that's okay. Clip or pin in place. Sew the outside edges in place. Then sew the straight seams to form the pockets. Think of them like apron pockets. My two straight seams are 8 inches in from the side edges which aligned with the pattern of the towels.

It will help to roll up all the extra fabric into a bundle as you sew instead of letting it hang and drag as it goes through the machine.

Sew the sides of the overhang

Sew the sides of the overhang

Step 5: Sew the Sides of the Overhang

After the pockets are in place, fold your towel to accommodate the overhang you want. Sew the outside edges of the towels.

Enjoy your new cover!

Enjoy your new cover!

Enjoy Your New Cover!

Drape your cover over your chair with your magazines, snacks, and whatever else.

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