How to Knit Your Newborn Baby a Simple, Easy Hat

Updated on April 20, 2016

Easy peasy baby hat

Many women want to knit their baby something or make something special for their baby themselves, using their own fair hands, when they discover they are pregnant. This hat idea is really easy to make, it only requires learning to make one stitch, and sewing your handiwork together.

Firstly, you will need:

4.5mm knitting needles

one ball of yarn or wool in any colour of your choice

a thick sewing needle


some small pieces of cardboard (for pompoms, optional)

some buttons and felt pieces or some coloured threads (optional)


1 --- Cast on 44 stitches. You will need to learn how to do this, which is probably the most difficult part. To cast stitches on to your knitting needle, you need to make a circle using your finger and thumb, and using your knitting needle, insert it into the circle, and wrap the string of wool around the end of the needle.

Please watch this video to show you how to cast on.

How To Cast On Knitting

Knit in garter stitch

2 --- Knit every row in a simple garter stitch until you have around 5 inches of knitting. This should be around 60 rows. To do a basic garter stitch, you hold the knitting needle with the knitting on under your left arm, with your other knitting needle in your right hand. The wool will need to be free to run off away from your knitting without becoming taut or tangled.

Insert your right knitting needle through the end stitch on your left needle, from the side with all the stitches, towards the front of the needle, and across the back, and when this needle is through the stitch, use your finger and thumb of your right hand to wrap the wool around the right needle (with the stitch on), and then pull the needle off through the stitch on the left side.

Please watch this video to show you how to knit garter stitches. They are very easy to learn.

Learn how to knit a basic stitch

Casting off

3 --- Now you should have a square of knitting with every row looking the same. The next step is to cast off your knitting, to leave a neat edge without any chance that your knitting could fray. To cast off, you hold your two needles as normal and insert the empty needle into the last two stitches on the needle with the knitting. Using the needle, pull the second stitch over the one on the end of the row, and onto your other needle. Do this for ever stitch until you only have two stitches left on your needle, and then cut your wool or yarn, leaving a length of a few inches. Using the end of this wool, seal the remaining stitches and tie a knot in the end.

It may help you to watch this video on casting off stitches.

Casting off your knitting

4 --- Now you have your square of knitting. To turn it into a baby hat you simply need to fold the knitting in half so the neat edge runs along the top, which will leave two open sides. Thread a length of the wool or yarn onto your sewing needle and stitch both of these sides together to make an enclosed shape. Now fold up the bottom of the hat to create a rim. If you prefer it can be rolled over instead, and you can add a couple of stitches in the bottom to secure it. Now, there are two options for completing your simple baby hat. You can either make a jesters hat, complete with four small pompoms on each corner, or turn your hat into an animal face, complete with stick on felt ears and buttons for the eyes and nose (or stitched eyes, nose and mouth).

In order to complete the jesters hat, you will need to fold the top of the hat in on itself to make four points – the two points where the stitches meet, and two others. Try to make these all around the same distance from each other. Stitch the top together a little to make two further points on which you can sew your pompoms.

To make pom poms you will need a piece of cardboard, folded over to make two layers. You will then need to draw a circle the size of the pom pom you require. It will probably help to draw around something like a glass. Inside this circle, you will need to draw another circle, and cut them out so you have two identical rings of cardboard. Now you need to wrap your wool through the middle of the template over and over again until it is covered in wool and taut. Remember to hold both sides of the remaining wool, you will need to keep hold of these. Now you need to cut your pom pom – using the scissors, edge them into the wool and cut the cardboard from the outside edge to the centre. Next, using the scissors and remembering to hold the strings of wool, move the scissors in between the two cardboard rings and cut along the edge all the way round. You will need to work quickly now to tie the centres of the pom pom tightly with the remaining lengths of wool but you should have pompom shapes.

Alternatively, to turn your baby hat into a fun animal, use felt shapes to attach ears on to the top right and left corners of the hat, at either the front or at both the front and back. You can also sew or stick on eyes, a nose and a mouth. Be creative!

This is a really simple idea for your baby's first knitted hat, and one that the perfect beginner can master for their baby. Your baby won't mind if you make the odd mistake and your effort will be even more special.

Pom poms


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      do you love kniing

    • Sun-Girl profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice and very colorful article you actually shared in here.

    • katyzzz profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      What lovely, colourful pompoms, I can knit but don't do it nowadays and no babies to give to.

      This is a great hub for those who want to learn how to knit. Once upon a time little girls were always taught to knit in the home, how things change.


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