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Light, Ribbed Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

Kimberly is a 19-year-old jewelry artist, soap maker, and crocheter. She lives happily with her boyfriend in northern Minnesota.


This pattern will help you make a nice light infinity scarf for chilly fall nights or the beginning of winter. This scarf, once finished, can be worn so many different ways and can be made to match any outfit. Cake yarns work beautifully with this pattern, but you can use any kind of yarn you have on hand or like. Since Mandala yarn is a bit thinner, I suggest a sports weight yarn for this pattern. This pattern asks for American crochet stitches but I will list all size variations of the crochet hook size.

Abbreviations and information

Hook size: J (10/0, 6.0mm)

Yarn size: Light (3)


Ch- Chain

HDC- Half Double Crochet

BPHDC- Back Post Half Double Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

Crochet Time

Ch 25

Row 1- DC in third ch from hook, DC in each remaining stitch, turn. (23)

Row 2- Ch 2, DC in stitch across, turn

Row 3- Ch 1, BPHDC in each stitch across, turn

Row 4- Ch 2, DC in each stitch across, turn

Row 5- Ch 2, DC in each stitch across, turn

Row 6- Ch 2, DC in each stitch across, turn

Row 7- Ch 1, BPHDC in each stitch across, turn

Row 8-111- Repeat rows 4-7 until row 111 or until it can comfortably wrap twice around your neck.


One you get your scarf to the length you want it instead of tying off or turning go down the long side of your scarf.

Sc in first stitch around the corner ch 1, SC into next stitch.

Repeat the SC border until you reach the bottom of your scarf. Once you reach the bottom of your scarf 1 DC in each of the beginning ch.

Once you make it along the bottom repeat the SC ch 1 until you reach the top of your scarf again. Once you make it back to the top tie off leaving a tail of about a foot to a foot and half.

Connect a darning needle to the end of your tail and connect the end to the beginning with a whip stitch. Whip stitch across, tie off, then weave in the rest of the tail.

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