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Free 'Rustic Rambler' Hat Knitting Pattern

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Free 'rustic rambler' hat knitting pattern

Free 'rustic rambler' hat knitting pattern

About the Design

Inspired by Devon, this hat is designed to be easy to knit and to work with any yarn dye technique.

Details of Your Rustic Rambler Hat

Skill Level – Beginner.

Yarn – 100g/166m, Aran weight yarn. The yarn featured is my hand-dyed yarn, but you can use any in an Aran weight.

Needles – 6mm/ 10 US 40cm/16” circulars and double points to cast off.

Finished Measurements – Laying flat the hat measures 15 inches/38cm at the brim (circumference) and 9.75 inches/25.7vm from brim to top.

To Fit: 20-inch head circumference/51.7cm.

Ease: Negative 5 inches/12.6cm in rib width and 3 inches/8.6cm on stockinette width.


Sts – stitches

PM – Place marker

K – Knit

P – Purl

K2tbl – Knit 2 together through the back loop.

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K2tog – Knit 2 together

How to knit a 'rustic rambler' hat

How to knit a 'rustic rambler' hat

Rustic Rambler Hat Directions

  • Cast on 72sts, PM and join in the round (do not twist).
  • Ribbing - *K4, P4* Repeat to end.
  • Continue this design for 3 inches/8.6cm.
  • Stockinette (knit row 1, Purl row 2 and repeat) for 6 inches/15.2cm. Giving you 9 inches length in total for the hat so far.


  • *K2tog, K14, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K12, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K10, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K8, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K6, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K4, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end.
  • *K2tog, K2, K2tbl, PM* repeat to end. Giving you 4 sts between each marker.

Cut a long tail in your yarn, thread through a needle and pass through the live stitches. Pull tight and weave in your ends.

Blocking: I did not block my hat, as the yarn bounced back enough to wear straight away.

Do you need help knitting in the round?

Then watch this video to get started.

© 2017 Sara Millis


elizabeth on April 24, 2019:

how could I make this hat bigger if need be when using smaller yarn?

Darwin on August 20, 2017:

I ❤️