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11 Free Fall & Thanksgiving Wreaths Crochet Patterns

I have a passion for anything crochet and love to collect, try out, and share the best free crochet patterns I discover!


Wreaths add a stylish element to your seasonal decorations. These free crochet patterns are for wreaths for the fall, autumn and Thanksgiving season! Some are stylish and elegant and some are fun and whimsical with hidden woodland creatures and other fall items! Get inspired by these wonderful free patterns and go make your own!


1 - Cute Turkey Wreath

This cute turkey wreath is just perfect! The colors are gorgeous and work well together and the turkey with its sweet face and cute dangling feet gives you a very happy Thanksgiving vibe! This wreath will truly be a cool centerpiece amidst your fall decorations. When hung on your door it will welcome your guests enthusiastically!

The pattern is very clear and works up quickly. The pattern includes lots of great pictures for extra instruction. You can add extra feathers or make them different colors. You can also make the turkey part separately and make a nice amigurumi turkey for your Thanksgiving table decor!


2 - Colorful Autumn Wreath

What a lovely colorful autumn wreath! You can just feel the fall atmosphere by looking at it. Making this wreath requires planning, tenacity and a lot of imagination! There are a lót of separate components to make, but fortunately all of them are very cute and a great joy to make. Fill your wreath with colorful leaves, mushrooms and flowers and don't forget a woodland creature or two!

The designer does not add a specific pattern, but her blogpost has a ton of awesome photos for inspiration and guidance as well as links to patterns for different parts of the wreath. This way you can get inspired by her ideas, but still make this wreath very personal and unique!


3 - Apple Wreath

What a great idea to make these crochet apples into a wreath! I love the crunch of a fresh apple and these red little apples looks good enough to bite! The more adventureous types can make a whole mixed fruit salad wreath, the sky's the limit! But I love the simplicity and calm of the red apple wreath. It's elegant and stylish!

The pattern is very clear and easy to do. Basically you need to make a lot of apples with stems and leaves! Choose your favorite apple color or make the apples in different colors for a bit of variation.


4 - Crochet Fall Wreath

This is a simple and elegant fall wreath design. Using a neutral color palette as the base of your wreath you can switch out different colors of flowers to fit the changing seasons. What a great time saving idea!

The wreath doesn't have an "official" pattern, but there is a description of stitches and techniques used that will get the more experienced crocheter started on the right path. There is no pattern for the loom flowers for this particular project, but the following video gives an extensive tutorial for making these kinds of flowers. Alternatively, ofcourse, you can use any other type of flower - crochet or otherwise!


5 - Fall Turkey Candy Corn Wreath

This cute Thanksgiving wreath has to be included in this little list! It has a distinctive Thanksgiving theme with the turkey and candy corn. The little turkey is so cute you might decide to fill the whole wreath with a flock of them! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The pattern is very detailed and clear. As expected there are a lot of separate components to make, although ofcourse you are free to vary the amount to your personal taste. Just make sure there's enough candy corn for everybody to enjoy!


6 - Fall Wreath

I just love the colors on this stylish fall wreath! The warm autumn browns, oranges and yellows are spiced up just enough with the fresh blue. The clear lines are a feast for the eyes and the beautiful bow adds a sweet touch. The separate components are very easy to make so grab your favorite pumpkin spiced hot beverage and have yourself a lovely quiet autumn crochet session!

The pattern is very clear and contains many pictures and links to patterns for the pumpkins and leaves.


7 - Elegant Fall Wreath

This pattern makes an elegant and stylish wreath that will be a bright centerpiece in your fall decorations. The neutral tones combined with some splashes of different kinds of blue are beautiful. It is surprisingly easy to make, so this project is very suitable for beginners. You can ofcourse adjust the colors to fit your personal taste and decoration scheme.

The pattern for both the wreath and the crochet flower are simple and work up quickly. There are lots of pictures for extra instruction. The designer added flowers of different fabrics and makes to the wreath for an extra stylish effect. However, you could choose to use just crocheted flowers in different colors.


8 - Autumn Leaves Wreath

I just love the combination of the yarn wrapped side with the full busy leave side. Also the colors are just beautiful on this autumn leaves wreath. Keeping the decorations down to only four different types (but in different colors!) make the design of this fall wreath harmonious and very stylish.

The pattern is very clear and detailed. It includes instructions for the oak leaves, maple leaves, acorns and vines used in this project. The wreath base is wrapped in yarn, making this pattern suitable for bigger wreath bases. Just adjust the number of leaves and trimmings and you're good to go!


9 - Happy Thanksgiving Wreath

Another cute turkey wreath that will be your guests' favorite! It truly makes for a happy Thanksgiving! The cute centerpiece is the little turkey with his stunning tail feather spread and cute little dangly feet! I just love those! You can experiment a bit with different colors and adding more or less elements.

The pattern is very clear and includes detailed instructions for the turkey, pumpkins and leaves. As an alternative you could fill the wreaths with little pumpkins and have the turkey as the centerpiece. Just make sure you include the cute orange dangling turkey feet!


10 - Woodland Wreath (Knitted)

Although this is not a crocheted wreath, I wanted to include it because it is simply stunning. And hopefully it will inspire you to make your own wonderful crocheted version.

This lovely woodland wreath is quite an ambitious project! It consists of many different elements that require a bit of planning and time. But the result is glorious! What a beautiful wreath to hang on your door! The simple color scheme adds to the elegance of the design. And everywhere you look you'll discover some new and different treasures between the leaves and flowers! Those owls and hedgehogs are so cute!

The pattern is spread out over twelve (!) parts with very clear and detailed instructions on how to crochet the different items and put them all together. There is a patterns for all the separate elements: the wreath itself, generic leaves, oak leaves and acorns, ivy, holly, mistletoe, fir cones, toadstools, fat flowers, blue bells and, ofcourse, the little hedgehog and owl creatures nestling amidst all the greenery!


11 - Mornings of Autumn Wreath

This is a very happy looking autumn wreath! It just oozes the fall atmosphere and makes you want to reach for your pumpkin-spiced latte. All the different element have beautiful autumn colors that blend together well. And the design doesn't have too many little separate items that might put you off even getting started on it! It is the perfect blend between fun to crochet and quick awesome results!

The pattern is very clear and includes instructions for the small and large maple leaves (which even by themselves are already stunning!), alternative maple leaves, small and large oak leaves, acorn, pumpkin and ofcourse the bow!


amvabecreations (author) from Netherlands on November 21, 2016:

Great idea!!

RTalloni on November 18, 2016:

Thanks for this neat roundup of crocheted fall wreaths. I'm seeing the apples in Number 3 done up in a red shimmery or glittery yarn, as well as some of Number 11's woodland feature done in sparklier yarns.