Easy Golf Club Cover Pattern

Updated on November 13, 2017

Knitted Golf Club Cover Pattern

Recently, a friend asked me to make several sets of golf club covers for some of his fellow golfers. As happy as I was to make them, I had a problem in that golf club covers were a project that I had never considered knitting before so I didn't have a favorite go-to pattern.

I searched the Internet but couldn't really find anything that seemed to work, so in the end I came up with an easy pattern of my own, inspired by a handful of patterns I found online dating as far back as the 1950s. The examples in the photos happened to be the school colors of two rival universities, so I am not including any color changes with the basic pattern--just choose colors you like and add stripes or don't--it's up to you.

While sometimes identical, often a set of golf club covers will have variations between the three so that the golfer can tell which club is which without uncovering it.


  • You will need worsted weight yarn in the color or colors of your choice (if you only wanted to use two colors, you would just need one skein of each to make the set of three covers)
  • Size 7 knitting needles
  • Size 8 knitting needles

Instructions (Makes Three)

  • With size 7 needles, cast on 40 stitches.
  • Work in K2, P2 rib every row until golf club cover measures 8" from cast on edge.
  • Next row: K2 together, P2 together across (20 stitches)
  • K1, P1 for 4 rows
  • Change to larger needles and knit across the next row, increasing 1 stitch in every stitch. (40 stitches)
  • Continue in stockinette stitch for 5"
  • K2 together across the next row
  • Purl a row
  • K2 together across the last row(10 stitches)
  • Cut yarn, leaving enough to sew the seam and draw it through the stitches on the needle.
  • Sew up the seam and attach tassels or a pom or nothing.

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        Teri Silver 6 years ago from The Buckeye State

        Good, informative hub.