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DIY Giant Floor Pillow Sewing Tutorial

It took B Mayfield a long time to feel comfortable holding knitting needles, but now she's good enough to demonstrate basic knitting.


Making Your Own Floor Pillow

Make your home comfortable and fun with a giant floor pillow! Pillows are easy and relatively cheap to make. Plus, they can turn a room from basic to charming and cozy. Follow these simple instructions; let's get started!


Cut Your Fabric

Since this is a round pillow, remember to cut your fabric slightly larger than you want the pillow to be. I chose to make a 40-inch by 40-inch square (mainly because one fabric was already 40 inches across). The edges don't have to be perfect because we'll be trimming them again.


How to Cut a Symmetrical Circle

You can either cut the front and back pieces separately or together. I cut them at the same time because I'm lazy like that.

Simply fold the pieces in half, then fold them in half again.

Next, believe it or not, fold the pieces in half once more, but this time, fold them horizontally. Your end product should be a triangle.

Round Things Out

If you have a measuring board, there should be several curves across the board as seen below. If you don't have a board, it's cool; just eyeball it.

Line your fabric triangle up in the corner and cut the top across the curve. Once again, it doesn't have to be perfect! When you sew the seam, things will tidy up.

Once you unfold your circles, you can trim up the edges just to avoid excessive fabric when sewing.

Sew It Up

Once you are happy with the size of your fabric, sew it up! Remember to keep the fabric inside-out.

Leave a large enough hole in the seam to flip the pillow right-side-out and to add stuffing.


Once you have your pillow sewed up, flip it out and begin stuffing!


Add Your Button

Once your pillow is about halfway stuffed, find the center and pin down your button (or whatever you want to use for a center). Then, using a needle and thread, sew your center piece down to give your pillow a tufted look.

Close It Up

Once you finish stuffing your pillow, you can start sewing up the hole. Fold the fabric to create a nice edge and use a pin to hold it in place.


Grab a book and enjoy lounging in your new pillow!