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Crochet a Dog Leash and Collar: DIY Pattern

Biscuit wearing new leash and collar

Biscuit wearing new leash and collar

Crochet a leash for your four-legged friend!

Here is a fun, quick, and simple project you can do to show your four-legged friend you love them. These collars and leashes make awesome projects to do for your pets and lovely gifts to give to your friends for their dogs.

If you're just learning how to crochet, this craft is perfect for you! If you already know how to crochet well, you can embellish this project to make it even more special.

How to Make the Collar

What You'll Need:

  • Old Collar: Use one with good a good belt and buckle. If you don't have one, you can use an old belt that has a key ring.
  • Old Leash: If you don't have one, use a clasp to hook the lead to the collar.
  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook: I used one smaller than required for the yarn I was using (an F hook) so I could get a nice tight stitch that wouldn't stretch out easily.
  • Yard Needle
  • Scissors: Make sure they're really tough ones that can cut through the leather or fabric.


  1. Crochet your desired length for your collar. I started with length instead of width so it wouldn't stretch out as much. Remember to make it a little longer than needed so you can attach your parts. Keep your stitches tight to prevent too much stretching when it's finished. Crochet until you reach your desired width, it should fit snugly in the belt or buckle piece you're using. You can do a backward single stitch edging as described in the lead instructions below if you'd like.
  2. When you're done crocheting, cut out the belt and buckle you're using for your collar. If you have loose parts, lucky you! You can skip this part.
  3. Slip the crochet piece through the belt/buckle and fold it over so there is enough excess to attach the loop/key ring. Stitch the loop closed and the base of the buckle/belt. Go over your stitch a couple times to make sure it's safe and secure.
  4. Slip the loop/key ring on to the crocheted strip. Stitch it on either side of the base so it doesn't move around. This is where you attach your lead.
  5. Sew down the remainder of the excess crocheted fabric by stitching around the edges.
  6. This is an optional part, but after seeing how the collar looked on Biscuit, I realized I really didn't like how the tail of the collar stuck out and curled. I folded it over and stitched that down as well. Now it's stiffer and stays out of the way!

And you're done! Enjoy your new dog collar!

Backwards Single Crochet/Crab Stitch

DIY the Leash/Lead

  1. The steps are similar to how you made the collar: crochet the length of your leash. Keep the hand loop in mind, but don't make it too long. Even crocheting lengthwise, the leash WILL start to stretch out (especially if you have a big dog like Biscuit who likes to be the boss and pull). Just be mindful.
  2. I finished off by doing a backward single crochet around the edge. I didn't do this on the collar because the rainbow colors would stick out.
  3. Fold over one side of the crocheted fabric and stitch it down securely to create the handle. After I did this I embroidered Biscuit's name, but of course, that's optional.
  4. Cut out the clasp.
  5. Loop the crocheted fabric through the clasp and stitch it down securely.
  6. Stitch down the excess by stitching around the edges.

And you're done!



Samantha Harris (author) from New York on July 27, 2012:

Awesome! Thank you!

Kristin Kaldahl on July 27, 2012:

Very cute results!!! I vote this useful. :)

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on July 27, 2012:

That's cute. I will forward this to a friend who loves tinkering with stuff.

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