DIY a No-Sew Wall Pocket Wreath With Flowers

Updated on March 27, 2018
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As an artist and homeowner, Donna enjoys creating unique decorative items and holiday ornaments to welcome all to her artistic abode.

How to Make a Wall Pocket Wreath Using an Embroidery Hoop
How to Make a Wall Pocket Wreath Using an Embroidery Hoop | Source

Turn an embroidery hoop into a wreath!

Sadly, I'm not very good at needlework. So, I put my embroidery hoop to new use by creating a wall pocket wreath to display some cheery flowers in my home! It can be hung on the wall, displayed on your front door, or placed on a mantle. Although I used a round hoop for my wall pocket, you can also use a rectangular picture frame. I've included directions on how to create a wall pocket from a frame in the tutorial below.

Choose Your Fabric Wisely

This wall pocket project is great because you can use a large fabric scrap to make the pocket. Depending on the size of your embroidery hoop, this project uses only about a half a yard or less of cloth. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing your fabric:

  • Pick a fabric with no stretch to it. You will need your fabric to create the structure of the pocket. Cotton or canvas is good because it has little give.
  • If you want to hang your pocket outside on your door, look for coated fabric. You can find awning fabric or coated cloth at fabric stores.
  • If possible, choose a material with a clean, finished edge. My fabric did not have a clean edge, so I had to finish the edge myself. I've included these steps below.

Materials for making a no sew wall pocket wreath from an embroidery hoop
Materials for making a no sew wall pocket wreath from an embroidery hoop | Source

What You'll Need

  • Embroidery Hoop: You will need both the inner and outer rings. The size of the hoop is up to you.
  • Two Fabric Pieces: They need to be the same size, but they don't have to match.
  • Ribbon Trim Decorations (optional)
  • Artificial Flowers/Greenery
  • Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

If you make a wreath from a frame, you'll also need the following materials:

  • Wooden Frame: This is to substitute for the embroidery hoop. The frame must be made of wood, not metal or plastic. The size is up to you.
  • Heavy-Duty Stapler and Staples

Measuring your fabric
Measuring your fabric | Source

1. Choose the Fabric

You will need two pieces of fabric to create your wall pocket. They do not need to match, so this is a great way to use some scrap fabric. However you may see a little part of the back piece, so choose two fabrics that coordinate in color or design.

  • Make sure your fabric is pressed and flat. Place your two pieces on top of each other, with the outer fabric of your wall pocket on top. Put your two pieces of layered fabric on top of your embroidery hoop so they cover a little less than half of your hoop. See photo above.
  • Cut your fabric so that you have about three inches of extra fabric on each side of your hoop and on the bottom.
  • Follow these directions if you are using a wooden frame for your wall pocket.

Finishing the edge of your fabric
Finishing the edge of your fabric | Source

2. Finish the Edge

Only the front piece of your fabric needs to have a finished edge. To do so, decide which edge will be your top edge.

  • Working on the back side of my fabric and using a ruler, I measured down about an inch from the top, folded my material down, and pinned it in place.
  • Iron this new fold to create a crisp edge. I lifted my fold and ran a line of fabric glue on the back of my fabric just under the ironed fold. I folded the fabric back down to create my new edge and applied a little pressure to make sure my glue adhered.
  • Let this glue dry completely. Once dry, I glued some ribbon along my new edge to add some detail. You can add whatever decoration you want to your fabric.

Shortcut: I probably could have just glued some ribbon or trim along my unfinished edge to cover it.


3. Place the Fabric Inside

Once the fabric is dry, place both pieces face up over your inner hoop so that your fabric covers a little less than half of your hoop. Your fabric edge should be level and even across your hoop. Make sure everything is flat and smooth. Place the outer hoop over the inner hoop and tighten them together, pulling on the edges of your fabric to keep it tight. Your material should be as tight as possible within the hoops.

If you're using a picture frame, follow these directions:

  • Turn your frame face down and place both pieces of fabric to the top of the frame (also face down). Position your two pieces of fabric so they cover a little less than half of the opening. Your fabric edge should be level and even across your frame's opening.
  • Staple the fabric on the inner side or back side of your frame (keep your frame face down). Put a staple on the left side of your frame opening, just below where the finished edge of your fabric meets the frame. Then, put a staple on the right side in the same place, pulling your fabric taut as your work. Continue in this fashion as you move down the sides of the frame, keeping your fabric tight. Stop just before you get to the corners.
  • Now pull your fabric tight and staple your fabric in place at the center of the bottom of your frame. Move out toward both ends, pulling your material and stapling it in place. When you get to the corners fold your fabric as neatly as possible to create a clean appearance and staple it in place.


4. Trim the Excess

Once your fabric is secure in your embroidery hoop or frame, trim the excess material. Leave enough fabric to fold over your frame or hoop and glue it in place. Using a hot glue gun, glue your extra material to the backside of your wall pocket.


5. Fill It Up!

Fill your pocket with whatever artificial flowers or decorations you want by positioning them between the two pieces of fabric. Try not to fill it too much so that your pocket bulges out in the back, as it won't hang flat on the wall.

  • I added some small branches to my flower display. I used hot glue to stick some small pom poms on my branches and stuck them in my display to add some height to my arrangement.


6. Pull It All Together

I decided to add a small doily to the front of my pocket for more decoration. I used some fabric glue to stick this in place. I should have done this before I put my fabric and hoop together, but it still worked out in the end.

I hope you enjoy making your own fabric wall pocket wreath!

© 2018 Donna Herron


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    • purl3agony profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Herron 

      24 months ago from USA

      Hi JoAnne - I would cut two squares or rectangles of the fabric you'd like to use. Finish the top edge of the fabric that will be in front and showing. Then carefully staple you fabric on the inside edge of your frame, being careful to pull the fabric taut as you attach it. I hope these instructions help! Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image


      24 months ago

      would like instructions for using a wood frame. I have a beautiful 5X10 wood frame with missing glass.

    • purl3agony profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Herron 

      2 years ago from USA

      Hi Dianna - Thanks so much! Yes, this is an easy project to customize for different holidays and special occasions. It would certainly make a great Mother's Day gift. You could even make paper flowers that incorporate family photos to use in the arrangement. Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate it!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      2 years ago

      I do love this idea, especially with the colors you used. This would be such a nice gift for Mother's Day.

    • purl3agony profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Herron 

      2 years ago from USA

      Thanks, Linda! Yes, I agree that this project would be great for a number of seasons and holidays. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it!

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 

      2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Nice idea ! Could be themed for seasons ! Even a baby room. Thanks for sharing ! I love no sew ideas !

    • purl3agony profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Herron 

      2 years ago from USA

      Hi Heidi - Thanks so much! One of the things I like about this project is that you can switch out the flowers and decorations for different seasons and holidays. Thanks so much for adding your comments. Hope you are enjoying some warmer weather! Happy Spring!

    • heidithorne profile image

      Heidi Thorne 

      2 years ago from Chicago Area

      I've seen embroidery hoops used as frames, but never as containers. How cute is this? Thanks for sharing this spring-y idea. Have a Happy Easter Week!

    • purl3agony profile imageAUTHOR

      Donna Herron 

      2 years ago from USA

      Thanks, Sally! I put this project together for my Mom's senior group, so I think it's a great project for all ages. So glad you like it. Thanks so much for your comments!

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 

      2 years ago from Norfolk

      That looks great! Love the simplicity of it and think that it might be a great project if one was working with children too. The' no-sew' idea does appeal as one would not be working with sharp needles. Great photos too.


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