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How to Crochet Slippers With Soles (Pattern & Tips for Beginners)

Athlyn Green is an avid crocheter and knitter. She designs and sells handcrafted goods.

Have toasty tootsies with these pretty-in-pink slippers! These slippers are worked with a super-thick neon sole material and multiple strands on toppers.

Have toasty tootsies with these pretty-in-pink slippers! These slippers are worked with a super-thick neon sole material and multiple strands on toppers.

Make Your Own Crocheted Slippers for Adults

Crochet is a good medium for making slippers because, generally speaking, crocheted fabric tends to have a stiffer texture, whereas knitted fabric is usually softer. With crochet, you use a larger hook and stitches are bulkier, which makes for durability—and these slippers work up quickly, too.

These slippers come up around the ankle, and with their cuff, they do not slip off. (This is a distinct advantage, because otherwise slippers loosen as they are worn and they can start to slide off.) I find that in winter, I tend to sleep in them, and most of the people I've made them for have said the same thing. They love having warm feet at night.

In this article, I will share some tips and share ideas about different color combinations and thicknesses, all using the one pattern. If you've always wanted to make sturdy, warm, boot-style slippers, read on. This pattern is one of my "go-to" favorites.

In This Article

  • About the Free Pattern
  • How to Adjust the Pattern for Warmth and Durability (Step-by-Step)
  • More Tips and Tricks
  • Quick Stitch Guide

About the Free Pattern

This crochet slipper pattern is offered courtesy of Rhelena at Crochet 'N' Crafts, via her site permission to link to it. I've adjusted the pattern, as I touched on above.

Because this is not my pattern, I cannot include it on this page, but if you click the link above, you can visit her site and print off the pattern (which is offered for free). This slipper pattern may be used to create your own slippers, but the pattern cannot copied for commercial purposes.

These slippers rock because:

  • they are thicker and thus warmer
  • they are high enough to stay on
  • the cuff also ensures they stay on
  • they don't slide off and can be worn in bed on those chilly winter nights
  • they will last a long time (on carpeting)

Thanks to Rhelena for this great crocheted slipper pattern!

How to Adjust the Pattern for Warmth and Durability (Step-by-Step)

Many people have told me they love wearing these slippers to bed to keep their tootsies warm on cold winter nights. Homemade slippers are so much warmer than regular socks, so if you have cold feet, you will notice a big difference to your comfort levels.

Step 1: Work With Multiple Yarn Strands

I use extra yarn for these, using 4 strands on the soles so that the slippers are cushioned and wear longer. I also work my toppers in 2–3 strands.

This adds warmth and durability, and in fact, many folks have found that these slippers have lasted winter after winter instead of wearing out quickly (as is seen with thin, one-stranded slippers).

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How Do I Work With More Than One Yarn Strand at a Time?

Do not attempt to work with yarn balls without placing them in separate containers. I cannot stress this enough. If they aren't separated, they will become twisted and tangled.

In my article "How to Make Your Own Yarn Dispenser," I discuss different ways to keep your yarn balls separate via homemade containers. If you are tempted to not do this, be forewarned: You will spend your crochet time untangling a mess of yarn instead of crocheting.

Alternately, you could wind your strands into one working ball.

Bone-colored cuff and purple variegated yarn for the toppers.

Bone-colored cuff and purple variegated yarn for the toppers.

Step 2: Create Thick Soles

When I work this pattern, I either use multiple strands for the soles or I use a super bulky yarn. Thicker soles mean greater warmth, more cushioning, and soles that stand up to wear.

If you've printed out the pattern and are ready to begin, the first three rows form the slipper soles. Here's some tips for making them:

  • Draw out a foot-shape on a piece of paper. You want your finished sole to be approximately 2" larger than your drawing to allow for "take-up" when slipper is put on.
  • Make two-tone slippers. I would suggest using the same color for both sole and cuff.
  • Adjust the size. For smaller to medium slippers, use a size 5 crochet hook. For larger slippers, use a size 6–7 hook.
  • Work tightly to add to the sturdiness factor of your finished sole. Because you use more than one strand for working your soles, you may have to use a smaller crochet hook to achieve the desired width and size. You don't want your sole to become too wide.
  • Make one sole to check the size and then make adjustments for each set of slippers you make. (The soles are only three rows, so you may choose to experiment for size and thickness.)
  • Try Red Heart Super Saver. I use this type of yarn. Red Heart offers so many colors to choose from and it wears well.

Step 3: Create Slipper Toppers

Using 2 strands (3 for a wider foot), work the next 10 rows of the pattern. I find the toppers look better if you don't use the same number of strands as you do for the sole. Use a smaller hook so that toppers fit snugly around foot—I recommend a size 4 or 5 hook.

  • If I'm making these for adults, I use 2–3 strands for the sides for durability and warmth, and a size 5 crochet hook.
  • For children, use 2–3 strands for the soles and 2 strands for the toppers.

Step 4: Make Cuffs

Work 5 more rows (as indicted in Rhelena's pattern), single crocheting in each stitch around row to form the cuff.

A super-bulky yarn was used to create these thick soles.

A super-bulky yarn was used to create these thick soles.

More Tips and Tricks

Here's some more helpful ideas:

Try Different Colors for Different Sections

While you can crochet these slippers using one yarn color, using one color for the cuffs and soles, and another for the toppers creates definition, as well as being a great way to use up leftover yarn.

Plan on Making Lots of Slippers? Make Your Soles First

I've found that the easiest way to make a number of these slippers is to simply make all your soles first. With that out of the way, you can add your toppers when you are in the mood to crochet.

Weave in Your Ends as You Go

Why have to weave in ends later? This is one task that most crocheters consider grunt work. As I work a row, I carry the yarn end along the back of the work, working my stitches around it, so that it is woven in as I go.

Worried About Slipping?

  • Add puff paint to soles.
  • If you have a tube of latex acrylic handy, wet your fingers and spread a thick layer over slipper soles and cure for a few days. This will also extend the life of the sole.

Finish Your Slippers

Turn slippers inside out to check for any missed yarn ends. Use a tapestry needle or a crochet hook to weave in any loose ends.

Quick Stitch Guide for Printing Off and Keeping With the Pattern

This pattern uses a couple of stitches that you may have worked in the past but might not clearly remember.

I hunted down all of these and jotted instructions right on my pattern. This way, each time I make another pair of slippers, I can refer to my notes, which saves me having to look up the instructions for these stitches each time.

  • Single Crochet 2 Together (sc 2 tog)—thr first st, yo, pb, thr 2nd st, yo, pb, yo and pull through all 3 loops on hook.
  • Single Crochet 3 Together (sc 3 tog)—thr 1st st, yo, pb, thr 2nd st , yo, pb, thr 3rd st, yo, pb, yo, pull through 4 loops on hook.
  • Double Crochet 3 Together (dc 3 tog)—yo, thr, yo, pb yo, pull thr 2 loops, repeat for next 2 st, yo, pull through loops on hook.
  • Half Double Crochet 2 Together (hdc 2 tog)—yo, thr, yo, pb (2 times) yo, pull through 5 loops on hook.
  • Half Double Crochet 3 Together (hdc 3 tog)—yo, thr, yo, pb (3 times) yo, pull through 7 loops on hook.

Quick Reference


yarn over


through stitch


pull back through stitch




single crochet


double crochet


half double crochet



Single Crochet Two Together

Single Crochet Three Together

Half Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Two Together

Half Double Crochet Three Together

Enjoy Warm Feet for the Winter Months in Your Boot-Style Crocheted Slippers!

As you can see, you can use this one pattern to make any number of slippers and each pair looks different. It can be fun to experiment with different colors and different thicknesses. I hope you've enjoyed this article and if you decide to make a pair of these slippers, please leave your comments. ♥

A pair of large men's slippers worked in willow wash yarn.

A pair of large men's slippers worked in willow wash yarn.

© 2010 Athlyn Green

Comments on July 30, 2020:

I love the tips you gave for making slippers. Thax a lot

Lucille Naber on October 27, 2019:

I use my left over scraps of yarn to make slippers. Kids and grandkids say "oh Grandma I have see several kinds of yarn you made things from.

Alida on August 25, 2019:

Beautiful slippers looking forward to making a few pairs for myself.