Sew Your Own Crochet Hook Case

Updated on December 29, 2017

My old hook case was ugly and bulky. This is where the idea for this project came to mind. I made a case for my knitting needles a couple years ago so I thought I'd make one for my crochet hooks too.

I love how this case rolls right up. It keeps all your hooks neat & in order! I'd say this is a major improvement to my old case.

Make your own by following these guidelines. Customize it the way you want with whatever bits of pretty you have laying around.

Little Experience Required

This case was fairly straightforward to put together. You'll need a few materials and basic sewing skills & notions. There is some embroidery too, so this is a good time to try a new skill if you haven't done any before.

You'll need:

...A piece of fabric (roughly 12" x 18" for this case)

...Something for a closure, like a ribbon.

...and some contrasting embroidery thread

So go find your materials, put on some tunes and let's get started!

Choose your weapon

Take a quick look through your scrap pile to find a piece of fabric to use. I found this tree patterned fabric that I had lots of so I decided to go with it. Once I got around to sewing it up, I found that by following the natural lines in this print I was able to keep my seams pretty straight. This was a big help.

I had a bobbin of dark brown thread hanging around so I went with that and picked my embroidery thread in a similar color. Embroidery thread is very inexpensive and works best for the hand stitched details, I highly recommend using it. In a pinch you could try using sewing thread.

Measure and pin

This is the part where you measure things up. Lay your hooks how you'd like them and turn up the bottom flap to the height you prefer. Add about 1/4" to this to allow for edging.

Once you get the height figured out, press the seam to form the bottom edge. With your hooks spaced how you like, pin the lines in between to form each pocket. Leave enough room for each hook, but not so much that they'll be loose.

Once all your pins are in - grab a fabric chalk and, one by one, remove the pins and mark each line. In the interest of accuracy, I measured the distance between each line to make sure each pocket was getting smaller as the corresponding hook size was getting smaller. The small hooks towards the end all have the same size pockets.

From here you're going to start embroidering the numbers to the front of the pouch. Using a straight edge and your chalk, run a horizontal line where you'd like to do your stitching. Free-handing little details like this in a project is something I love to do. It may not always look perfect, but it adds that little touch to the finished product.

Embroider the corresponding hook sizes to the front of your pouch between the lines you just chalked in.

It's important to press your edges to get a nice clean finish
It's important to press your edges to get a nice clean finish

Press edges and sew everything up

So now that you're done the embroidery you're going to prep your fabric for sewing. Cut any excess material from the sides and lay your piece out flat. Bring each edge in about 1/4" and press. Sew a seam along the top edge of what will become the pouch. Fold over and press another 1/4" on three of the four sides. The edge at the top of the pouch only needs to be folded over once.

Omitting the bottom edge, sew around the perimeter of the case so that the sides come together to create the pouch. Keep in mind you'll be sewing the finished edges at this point as well, so try keeping your seams straight and take your time with the corners. I use the mitered corner method.

Trim down the bulk from the seams on the inside of the pouch. The next part is time consuming, but easy enough. We're going to sew up all those lines we chalked out earlier. To make sure your fabric stays straight, stagger the order you sew the seams in. Start with a seam near the middle, then sew another about half way down from that, then another half way up from that, etc. Make sure you reverse stitch at the beginning and end of each line to help keep the seams from unraveling.

Finishing touches

Now that all that tedious sewing is out of the way, we can move on to finishing. So trim all your ends and give your case a little wash to get the remaining chalk off. Give it a good press to iron out all the wrinkles.

If using ribbon for your closure, figure out where you want to put it and sew it on. I recommend playing around with your case a bit to see where it works best. You can use other materials for your closure like light gauge wire or even just an elastic band. Be creative!

For this project I used a fairly short piece of wide ribbon that I kept closed with a small piece of self-adhesive velcro. Tucking in the raw edge, I hand stitched one end of the ribbon to the case. I placed it along an existing seam so my messy hand stitching would be a little less obvious.

Then I cut the ribbon to length, leaving enough to wrap around the case plus a little extra to finish the edge. With the last edge finished, I stuck on the velcro and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. This is a great project to make your own. Be creative with your choice of materials. The sky is the limit, happy crafting!

Another Needle Case

This one is for my knitting needle tips
This one is for my knitting needle tips
hand stitching the ribbon on
hand stitching the ribbon on


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