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Crochet Teardrop Hanging Basket (Free Pattern)

Moira has been crocheting since she was 14 years old. She loves experimenting with small crochet projects.


How to Crochet a Hanging Basket

There are many crochet teardrop hanging basket patterns out there that you could make with basic stitches, but this one is adapted from a doily pattern. (That pattern was on a Russian sharing website I found through Pinterest—however, now when I click the link it redirects to the homepage and I can't find the chart pattern.) This basket is meant to hold light stuff, like air plants and plushies.

This article shows how I adapted my favorite doily pattern into a teardrop hanging basket.


  • Length - 16 inches
  • Width - 9 inches
  • Gauge - 4 stitches per inch

Tools and Materials

  • Light yarn (For this project, I used double pull of Indophil yarn, a type of multi-strand acrylic yarn available in my country.)
  • 6.5 mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
I used a double pull of Indophil yarn, a multi-strand acrylic.

I used a double pull of Indophil yarn, a multi-strand acrylic.

Abbreviation Guide

Abbreviation Meaning



sl st

slip stitch




single crochet


half double crochet


double crochet


treble crochet


two dc together


three dc together


two treble crochet together

I adapted this basket from a doily pattern.

I adapted this basket from a doily pattern.

Free Written Pattern

Crochet a circle with a radius equivalent to the width of the object you want to place inside.

  • Foundation Ring: Ch 5, sl st into a ring.
  • Round 1: Ch 3 , 15 dc in ring, sl st to top of ch-3.
  • Round 2: Ch 5, (dc, ch 2) 14x, hdc into 3rd ch of ch-5.
  • Round 3: Ch 2, dc2tog in hdc-sp, (ch 4, cluster in next ch-sp) 15x, ch 1, dc on top of dc2tog.
  • Round 4: (Sc in ch-sp, ch 4) 16x, sl st to 1st sc.
  • Round 5: [(3 sc, ch 1, 3 sc) in ch-sp] 16x, sl st to the 1st three sts.
  • Round 6: Round 4.

Maintain the number of stitches in the next rounds until you have doubled the radius, while adding a 3-dc group in each round to create the teardrop shape.

  • Round 7: Ch 3, 2 dc in same st, (5 dc in ch sp) 16x, sl st to top of ch-3.
  • Round 8: Ch 2, 3 dc in dc, hdc on all remaining dc's, sl st to top of ch-2.
  • Round 9: Ch 4, sk 1 st, 3dc in same stitch, (ch 1, sk 1 st, dc) 41x, ch 1, sl st into 3rd ch of ch-4, sl st into ch-sp.
  • Round 10: Ch 2, dc, ch 1, sk 1 dc, 3 dc in same st, (ch 1, dc2tog in ch-sp) 41x, ch 1, sl st to 1st dc, sl st to ch sp.
Here is a visual diagram of the pattern.

Here is a visual diagram of the pattern.

Divide the resulting number of stitches into three parts and decrease the number of stitches for the second part, the one across the 3-dc group. In the second to the last round, add a handle.

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  • Round 11: Ch 3, sk 2 dc, tr in dc, (ch 3, tr2tog) 7x, (ch 1, tr2tog) 8x, ch 1, (tr2tog, ch 3) 7x, sl st to tr ch 20, sl st to tr.

It's best for the last round to have consecutive sc's for hiding loose ends.

  • Round 12: (4 sc in ch sp) 4x, (3 hdc in ch-sp) 2x, 3 dc in ch-sp, (2 tr in ch-sp) 2x, (tr in ch-sp) 5x, (2 tr in ch-sp) 2x, 3 dc in ch-sp, (3 hdc in ch-sp) 2x, (4 sc in ch sp) 4x, 25 sc in ch-20 sp.

Finish the basket by slip stitching all stitches except for the handle. Break off. Weave in loose ends. Enjoy your new hanging basket!

You can hang light plants or toys in your basket.

You can hang light plants or toys in your basket.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Moira Durano-Abesmo


Sylvia Jacobs on August 31, 2020:

I absolutely love this pattern. I had difficulty at first following instructions and had to rip out several times but the pattern was so cute I persisted and finally got the instructions right. As stated before, the bold print comments in the pattern were confusing and I thought it meant I had to do my own calculations on the radius but once I ignored them, it worked out fine. Thank you so much for this pattern.

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on August 08, 2020:

Thank you so much Ms. C for taking the time to leave an insightful comment.

C on August 03, 2020:

I've made this pattern twice and it's a wonderful pattern, but follow it to the letter or you will get lost, I've learned! Also, on the rounds where you say dc2tog, it would help if you specify in the written instructions that those are clusters, not decreases. And that the trebles are decreases. I had to reference the chart, and I still had to frog several times on both attempts. It can be a bit confusing! Also, with worsted weight yarn, a size 6 crochet hook makes a basket that will hold a 6 inch pot. It's huge, and I definitely recommend dropping at least a couple of hook sizes to a 4.5/4 hook. It's nice if you want a big airy basket, but it's a little too drapey and makes the stitches messy. All in all, a good pattern but definitely some notes! I also found the bolded points confusing in addition to the written pattern.

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on July 31, 2020:

Maybe I should make a video. ;-)

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on July 31, 2020:

Hello Nikki!

You are correct. I am mistaken in the yarn weight. The yarns that I could afford do not have labels and it's multi strand. So I guessed. I apologize. I will change it to Light Yarn.

As for the instructions, I'll look into it. I appreciate the time you took to correct my pattern.

Thank you.

nikki on July 30, 2020:

Is pattern has a lot of mistakes starting with the size of the hook. The 6mm is so large that it makes the hole in the first round huge. I did a swatch and ended up having to go down to a 5 mm. Even with the 5 mm it was too large. I reduced the initial circle to only 3 chains to get the correct center. I hope the author rewrites this pattern because these are cute litl baskets. Here's some friendly advice for the rewrite- identify what you are skipping, identify at stitches you are crocheting into better, ex. Round 11 I assumed you meant to dtrtog into the ch-spaces, but is hard to tell for sure. Round 2- 14x? But when you lookt the picture, its definitely 15 times (16 stitches when first chains until as on stitch) Please write this pattern again. I would love to make it. Thank you!

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on July 25, 2020:

Hello Gcderelick! The cluster is described above as three dc's together. It's okay if you missed it.

Gcderelick on July 17, 2020:

In round 3, the ch 4 then cluster in next chain space, what does the cluster mean? What stitches are used and how many? I’m probably missing something so obvious!

Moira Durano-Abesmo (author) from Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines on July 15, 2020:

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on July 13, 2020:

Adorable and useful! I need to get back to crocheting one day. *sigh* But until then, I'll just enjoy looking at all your cute projects. Thanks for sharing your talent and art with us!

Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on July 11, 2020:

These are so cute! I so wish that I could crochet, but my fingers are useless for yarn crafts. I think they would look great filled out with the hanging glass vases with an air plant inside. Well done.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on July 09, 2020:

This is an attractive hanging basket. I think it would be a lovely container for an air plant. Thanks for sharing the instructions.