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Textiles & Sewing


How to Sew Your Own Flat, Drawstring Cosmetic Bag

Do you like to see your makeup (or any items) all at once? Do you dislike digging through a traditional upright cosmetic bag for that little eye pencil? If so, this is for you. Learn how to make your own bag that will lay flat until you close it with the drawstring. An easy and forgiving project.


How to Make a Fabric Pumpkin Topiary

Fabric pumpkins are a popular decoration during Halloween and Thanksgiving, but can be expensive to buy. But you can easily make them yourself and create your own stacked pumpkin topiary. This tutorial shares all the steps and includes ideas for decorating and building a stacked pumpkin decoration.


What Is Amigurumi? (History, Techniques & Resources)

Amigurumi (あみぐるみ) is just one of the many ways of knitting or crocheting crafts and toys. Learn all about the history of this craft, its basic foundational techniques, the many ways that amigurumi can brighten your life, and some resources for finding out more!


How to Rework a Tattered Quilt Using a Serger

Do you have a sentimental but tattered quilt? Is there enough of the interior that can be salvaged? My Grandma made this Dresden Plate Quilt decades ago. The edges were frayed, and the perimeter blocks were torn. I decided to cut it down, finish the edges using my serger, and have a cozy, new quilt.


DIY Valentine's Day Heart Bookmark

This easy bookmark is the perfect craft project for Valentine's Day, or just to show your love of books! Each heart is made from felt and can be decorated in many ways. This bookmark is so charming, you'll want to make one for yourself and for everyone you love!


Make Matching Aprons to Commemorate an Event

Does your family gather every year for an event? Does your neighborhood hold a BBQ each summer? If food is involved, consider making an apron for everyone (or a special few) to remember these times. This is an easy project for a beginner because exact measurements are not essential.