Handpainted Ceramics Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Can I use handpainted ceramic dishes near food?
The correct answer is "Yes, if and only if you check the label to assure the ceramic paint is non-toxic and food safe."

Can I use my handpainted ceramic dishes in the microwave?
The correct answer is "No, never use in the microwave."

I used enamel ceramic paint. Is my dish dishwasher safe?
The correct answer is "Yes, if dried and cured, your dish can be safely washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher."

When handwashing my ceramic dish, can I soak the dish under the water?
The correct answer is "No, you can't presoak. Wash gently with soap and water."

Can I use my enamel ceramic paint on plastic dishes too?
The correct answer is "No, enamel ceramic paints will not adhere to plastic dishes."