What colors do I mix to get golden brown?


Brown is really nothing else than a dark, dull orange.

You can think of golden brown as a dull, dark yellow-orange.

To achieve that color from a limited palette of three primaries, start with yellow.

Add small quantities of red and blue, very conservatively, mixing at every step to see how far you've gone in one direction or the other.

Add a bit of red to get you closer to orange; with a bit of blue, you move toward greens or blues.

To get golden brown, get some pure yellow and add a little bit of red. Be aware that it's hard to make a dark color lighter; move slower from light to dark.

Once you have a nice golden orange, add a tiny bit of blue or violet to the mixture; this will make it duller. Be aware that some colors are ultra strong, for example, any green or blue with phthalo in them are very opaque, and a small quantity goes a long way.

In short: to make a golden brown start from yellow, mix it to a light orange, then dull it down a bit.

Updated on May 2, 2018

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How to Mix Brown from a Limited Palette of Primary Colors
By Robie Benve