I'm overwhelmed with findings of this article, and I'm so discouraged looking through so many trays looking for one thing. Is it better to throw away unused beads and jewelry supplies? Should I dump them in a jar and sort out as I need them? I’d spend about the same amount of time looking for them out on a tray, and they would be easier to see. Should I throw them away and purchase new jewelry packs for each client?


I strongly recommend that you bite the bullet and spend as many hours as it takes to sort all your findings before you make another piece of jewelry. Reread my article and decide which type(s) of organizers you want to use. Then, buy as many of those organizers as you will need to organize your sorted findings. Also, buy a label maker and label each organizer. Going forward, take out only the findings you need and immediately put back any leftovers into the appropriate section of the organizer.

Updated on April 11, 2018

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The Best Ways to Organize and Store Beads and Jewelry Supplies
By Margaret Schindel