What type of welding would you recommend for smaller art projects? Nuts, bolts screws, spoons and the like?


Hi, and thank you for the kind words. In welding, everything depends on the type of metal you are using and it's thickness. Some bolts are steel alloys, and some are mostly zinc. Some spoons are stainless steel, and some are silver plated copper. A TIG would be the most resourceful way to approach this varied field of materials and thicknesses, but I would encourage you to practice with your materials and learn how to join them through trial and error. An acetylene torch would also be a good way to approach this, as you may want to braze or solder some of these materials instead of welding them.

Updated on April 12, 2018

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Basic Welding Equipment and Techniques for Metal Art Sculpture and the Beginner Welder
By Rodney C Lawley