Spring Birds in Kingston, Ontario: A Photo Essay

Updated on August 4, 2018
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Simon's background is in biomedical and health science. He also writes about fashion, nature, and photography.

Spring Brings Plenty of Beautiful Birds

I started photographing birds in the winter time. During the cold months, I saw a few birds such as robins, woodpeckers and chickadees. When spring arrived, I wasn't sure what kind of birds I was going to see so it was an exciting time to be a bird photographer. The new season did not disappoint. I saw an abundance of birds from bright red cardinals to beautiful blue jays. There were also yellow warblers, grey catbirds, brown sparrows, black common grackles and blackbirds. Some of the winter birds that I saw were also seen in the spring including robins, chickadees, and woodpeckers. It was definitely a treat for the eyes and the camera. I hope you enjoy viewing this photo essay of spring birds in Kingston, Ontario.

Spring Birds Not Far From Home

Spring is a lovely time of the year. It's a season of new growth, and the return of many migrant birds. This was my first spring as a bird photographer so I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be a fantastic season for bird photography. I was thrilled to be able to see and capture a multitude of birds in a wooded area near my house. Let's have a look at some of these spring birds.


Chickadees spend their winter in the Kingston region. I was happy to see them again in the spring. They are a small, and fast moving bird. I managed to catch this one resting on a branch. I like the close-up shot of it and how you can see details in its plumage. You can also see its eye quite well.

Chickadee | Source

Common Grackle

Common Grackles are such a beautiful bird. I love their intense black coat with shiny iridescent colouring. They also have these bright piercing yellow eyes too. Their call is loud and very distinctive with a train of repetitive cries.

I like the red dogwood branches scattered throughout the photo. It adds a touch of bright colour to the otherwise brown and grey colour scheme.

Common Grackle
Common Grackle | Source


I also saw Woodpeckers in the winter time. It was nice seeing them again in the spring. You could always tell when they're nearby by their wood pecking sounds.

This photo shows a nice profile shot of a Woodpecker. The only negative thing about it is that it is not a very close up photo of one. I had a chance to photograph one up close but all of my photos turned out blurry. Better luck next time!

Woodpecker | Source


I only saw Cardinals in the spring. They were not around when I was out shooting in the winter time. In any case, they are one of my favourite birds. I just love their brilliant red coat. They are just so beautiful. Here is one that really stands out from the background. The exposure is a little off in this photo, but I was just pleased to have captured a Cardinal.

Cardinal | Source

Grey Catbird

Apparently, these birds get their name from their distinctive calls that sound like cats. I didn't get a chance to hear it to confirm whether this was true or not. I was just happy I got a clear shot of it. The photo is slightly dark and it's a bit tough making out the details. Overall, though, I was pleased to have photographed this unique bird.

Grey Catbird
Grey Catbird | Source

Blue Jay

Blue Jays are another one of my favourite birds. I love their beautiful blue plumage, and their crest. This one is clearly hiding from me. I wished that I got a photo of its full head, where I could see its eyes. However, this photo does show how pretty their coat is.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay | Source

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrows are little brown birds that are sometimes easy to miss as they blend in with their environment. I was luck to capture this one resting on a branch. I love how you can clearly see its eyes and how the photo shows nice detail in them.

Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow | Source


Blackbirds as the name suggests are almost entirely black in colour. There is a bit of colour on their wing. You can see a bit of yellow and red there. This isn't the best shot of one as you're looking at it at an awkward angle. However, it's the only one I have of this bird.

Blackbird | Source

Yellow Warbler

I love these birds. They are so beautiful with their bright yellow feathers. They certainly pop out from the background. I happened to catch this one as it's stretching its neck. It seems like the bird has quite a long neck. A very different kind of photo for sure!

Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler | Source


Robins were also spotted in the winter time in Kingston. It was nice to see them again in the spring.

They are such a common bird that I see almost every time I go out on my photo shoots. In addition to being common, they are also a beautiful bird. I love their bright orange chest. Here I was able to get super close shot of one. You can see all the details in its head, including its eyes, and the tiny little feathers around its beak.

Robin | Source

© 2018 Simon Lam


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    • Simon Lam profile imageAUTHOR

      Simon Lam 

      23 months ago

      Hi gs!

      Thank you for your comment and kind words! I love the bright colour of the Cardinal as well--such a beautiful bird! Yes, the robins can get pretty plump! Thanks again for your support!

      Take care!

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Hello Simon

      It was lovely to see photos and narratives of your spring birds. All the birds are beautiful but I especially like the bright colour of the Cardinal. I like the plumpness of the Robin. It was an excellent shot. Keep up the great work.

    • Simon Lam profile imageAUTHOR

      Simon Lam 

      23 months ago

      Hi Mary!

      Thank you for your comment! I haven't seen a hummingbird yet, but maybe one of these days? Yes, birds bring us so much joy and are a treat for the eyes and camera!

      Take care!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      23 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      We have the same birds coming to our feeders except the cardinal and we enjoy them so much. We have hummingbirds, too. It is a joy to watch them.


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