My Favorite Vacation Photos

Updated on February 22, 2018

My Camera Comes with Me

Whenever I go on an adventure, my camera has to come with me. I have a Canon T3, and it's helped me capture some of my greatest and most memorable moments and adventures. Photography has been a great means for me to express my love of life, traveling, and adventure. I'm not a professional, but I sure do love capturing my best memories.

Sunset on Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is a beautiful hiking in Acadia National Park in Maine. My family travelled here back in 2014. Before the day ended, we decided to go to the top to view the sunset. I sat on the edge and looked out at everything below. Beneath my feet hanging off the edge, there were trees, blueberry bushes, and lakes.

Seals in Maine

This is another photo from Acadia National Park in Maine. Originally we wanted to go on a whale watching tour, but the storm from the previous night made the ocean too dangerous. So instead, we took a seal watching tour. We were taken out to a small island where we got to witness tons of seals swimming and laying on rocks.

Great Smoky Mountains

This picture is from a hike we took in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennesee back in 2015. Tennesee is seriously an underrated vacation spot. There are plenty of scenic trails to hike. This spot was especially beautiful because we got to hike the trail and look out over the mountains.

Sunrise in Long Beach Island

This is an old photo which was taken in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, back in 2014. My dad and I went to the beach really early. He fished on the shore as I sat and watched the sun rise over the waves.

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

This is another picture from Maine. The rocky cliffs here have a pinkish color. We walked to the edge of the cliff and looked out at the waves of the Atlantic ocean crash on the shore. Up in Maine, the water is much bluer than it is on the Jersey Shore, although it's also much colder up there. This was one of the only beaches you could swim at, and even the water temperatures here were around 67 degrees.


These curious birds were running around the shore of Long Beach Island. Plovers are birds that dig for clams, and then run away from the waves when they rush back. Watching these adorable go back and forth is funny and entertaining.

Barnegat Lighthouse

My family always go to LBI every summer. We always try to go to the Barnegat lighthouse. We go to the top and look out at the ocean, jetties, and shore below. Then we go back down and walk along the shore.


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