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GoPro HERO7 White: Perfect Camera for Travel Photographers

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Tsareena is a travel blogger who spent seven months in Asia, photographing everything along the way (mainly food and sunsets!).

I got this camera as a bon voyage gift!

I got this camera as a bon voyage gift!

GoPro HERO7 White Review

When I decided to quit my job to travel, I needed to save every penny to make sure I didn't starve to death on the road.

I desperately wanted a GoPro for my trip but just couldn't afford one.

Lucky for me, I had the best boss in the world who bought me one as a leaving present! I've now been travelling around Asia with my GoPro for seven months—and it is the best thing in my backpack!

Specs for GoPro HERO7 White

  • 10MP Camera
  • 1440p60/1080p60 Video
  • Waterproof to 33 ft (10 m)
  • Touch Screen
  • Voice Control
  • Photo Timer
  • Video Stabilisation
  • Shoot Vertically
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Timelapse
  • SloMo
Box contents

Box contents

How to Set up the GoPro HERO7

The GoPro HERO7 white comes with a case, two mount fittings and a charging cable. It does not come with a memory card! Make sure you have one so you can get started using it straight away. (I'd also advise getting a selfie stick or tripod.)

While your GoPro is charging for the first time, download the free app that goes with it. Your GoPro has its own wifi network and you can use this to connect to your phone. Linking the camera to your phone enables you to set the time and date, and also download any software updates. I had mine set up in a few minutes.


How to Use the GoPro

The GoPro HERO7 is really easy to use!

There are only two buttons and a touchscreen.

The side button is to turn it on/off and switch between modes (time-lapse/video/photo). The top button is to take a photo or stop/start video. Simple.

The touchscreen is your viewfinder when taking pictures or video. Swipe up to view the pics you've taken. Swipe down to access the settings.

On the settings screen, you'll get four icons: Voice control, Sounds, Quikcapture, and Screen lock. Tap these to turn them on/off.

Under these is the preferences button. Tap this for Connections, Defaults, General, Voice control, Touchscreen, Regional, and About.

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Sunset using tripod and timer feature

Sunset using tripod and timer feature

Using the GoPro and Tripod

Most phones nowadays have fairly advanced cameras. I've been using my iPhone alongside my GoPro and I don't feel the need to get a "proper" camera.

For quick on-the-go pictures my phone is fine, it's always in my hand.

However, when I need something more staged, I use the GoPro. I have a tripod that fits both my phone and the GoPro. The benefit of the GoPro app is that you can set up the GoPro on a tripod and then use your phone as a remote.

This is perfect for me as a solo traveller. I set up the tripod and then use the viewfinder on the app to see that I'm in position and how the shot will look. Then you can either take the shot or set a timer, giving you time to make sure the phone isn't in view.

Underwater using selfie stick

Underwater using selfie stick

GoPro Video

GoPros are primarily made for action. So make use of the various accessories on offer and take it on the road!

I find the most useful accessories are the head and chest straps. My GoPro has climbed volcanoes and mountains, biked Angkor Wat, bathed in Laotian waterfalls, dived in Thai lagoons, and bathed with elephants—all while keeping my hands free.

Many of these are places I wouldn't dare risk my very expensive iPhone. But the GoPro is tough, and the 7 series is waterproof without an additional case, so it's perfect for all of those muddy and wet adventures.

Cool Features of the GoPro HERO7 White

  • Waterproof: The waterproofing is by far my favourite. It means not having to worry about taking it on adventures where my phone can't go. Also, I've met so many people on my travels who have damaged their cameras after the waterproof case didn't work. A separate waterproof case is an extra expense and an extra item I don't have room for.
  • Screen lock: If you use the camera in warm water, it can get confused. The first time I did it the camera kept toggling between different modes and wouldn't settle long enough for me to get a picture. then I discovered the screen lock! The only buttons you need underwater are the physical ones.
  • Time-lapse: Some videos are cool but way too long! Speed them up a bit by using the time-lapse feature. I've used this to record sunsets, boat trips, and mountain hikes.
  • Voice control: The camera needs to be already switched on for this so you can't use it to get a quick shot that way. But this feature is amazing for all of those hands-off days. If you have the GoPro strapped to your head or chest, or even mounted on your bike, operation on-the-go can be extremely difficult. Voice control means you can still get shots and videos at the right time without letting go of your bike or losing grip on climbs.
Tripod and phone remote

Tripod and phone remote

The GoPro App

You should download the GoPro app but also make sure you have the Quik app, too.

  • Remote control: Use the app as a viewfinder and remote control for your camera
  • Download: At the end of the day you can download all of your pics and videos to the cloud and also to your phone. You can simultaneously delete them from your memory card to save space.
  • Settings: The settings available in your camera's touchscreen are also in here.
  • Video production: If, like me, you have no idea how to make videos, let the Quik app do it for you! The app will take your photos and videos from the day (or any you choose) and compile them into a video. Choose the style, music, speed, title, etc., and look like a YouTube pro in a matter of minutes.

GoPro Review: Summary

If you are new to photography then you absolutely don't need any of the features on the silver or black versions of the Series 7 GoPro. The white is also around half the price of the black!

If you are a pro photographer or you plan to make professional YouTube videos, then you'll need the black version. The black has 4K video and much better stabilisation.

It doesn't do too well in the dark but I tend to use it for daytime adventures and take my phone out at night.

The quality here has been perfect for use on my blog and Instagram. It's hard to get good material when travelling solo.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants a simple camera that can be used anywhere. It's perfect for travelling, hard to damage and won't take up much space.

Pros and Cons



No 4K

Waterproof without additional case

Not good in low light

Simple to use

Internal battery

GoPro HERO7 White


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