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5 Best Product Photography Ideas You Should Try

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Best Product Photography Ideas

Best product Photography Ideas

Best product Photography Ideas

If the product photos are not attractive, it becomes hard for an online selling business to encourage the buyers to explore its products and make a purchase.

These 5 best product photography ideas will help you capture the products in the most professional ways and attract more customers.

5 Best Product Photography Ideas

1. White Background Shots

White background photography is among the most common and effective product photography ideas. The white background makes an image look more clean, consistent, and professional.

If you look at the product listing on Amazon or eBay, you’ll see that their guidelines emphasize keeping the product background white. It removes all the distractions and puts the product in focus for a better customer experience.

Therefore, using a white background, at least for the primary images, can be one of the best practices you do for your product photography. You may also remove the background from previous product photos to save time and repurpose the images.

White Background Photo

White Background Photo

2. Shots with Props

Adding props makes your image more creative and interesting. Now, before using props, you should know that there are two types of props, relevant and contrasting. You’ll want to use either of the one and not both in a single image.

Relevant props are, of course, relevant to your products. They can be the ingredients of the products, the nature of the products, and more.

For example, if you’re selling milk and rice facewash, you may use a handful of rice by the side of the product or show the product floating on milk. This shows that the ingredient has been used in the product.

Contrasting props refer to something that is completely opposite and irrelevant to the product. It requires creativity to pull this off.

For example, if you’re selling fresh tender coconuts online, making coconuts wear sunglasses or a towel can add a fun element. However, it does not mean that the product is anywhere relevant to the props.

Such product photography ideas can be used for social media posts, secondary product images on the website, or product catalogs.

Product Photo with Props

Product Photo with Props

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3. Flat Lay Shots

Flat lay photography is trending and is one of the best product photography ideas. It gives a different angle to the product photography as compared to the traditional standing shots.

Simply lay the product flat on a stable surface and capture the images from a distance above. The background can be white, colored, or patterned. If required, you may also add the props to your flat lay product photography.

Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay Photography

4. Ghost Mannequin for Apparel

If you’ve never heard of Ghost Mannequin or Invisible Mannequin Photography, you must know that it’s one of the most impactful and unique product photography ideas.

It involves creating a floating hollow effect for the apparel using a photo editing software like photoshop or by a professional invisible ghost mannequin service. It shows the apparel in a 3D effect.

This type of photography eliminates the use of models or mannequins. This saves you the cost of hiring a model or buying and maintaining a physical mannequin.

Also, ghost mannequin photography also eliminates any distractions and allows the buyers to clearly imagine how the product will look like in real life. Thus, it stands you out, attracts more customers, and increases sales.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect

5. In-Use Shots with Model

In-use shots are among the most relatable product photography ideas. When customers look at the models using, wearing, or applying a product, they can relate easily and in a better way.

This involves the techniques used for model and portrait photography. So, make sure that despite using the model, your focus is completely on highlighting the product.

Also, make sure that the expression, makeup, and the complete look of the model is complimenting the nature of the product.

For example, if you're doing sports product photography, then your model's expressions might be intense and serious. On the other hand, if you're doing baby product photography with a mother, then her expressions should be warm, nurturing, and welcoming.

In-use Photography

In-use Photography


Applying creative and interesting product photography ideas can genuinely make your product photos stand out and catch the eyes of the customers. Follow these tips to make the most out of your product photography.

Keep experimenting with new ideas to scale your product photography and make your product pages look professional and attractive.