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10 Tips for Taking Better Photos for Your Website

Eugene is a keen amateur photographer, primarily interested in nature. He has a portfolio of images on YouPic.


Good quality photos enhance any web page. Composition, exposure, focusing, and depth of field are just some of the factors that should be considered when adding images to complement written text on a site. In this guide we'll go through 10 tips that you can employ to get better results from your camera. These tips apply when using any camera, such as a smartphones, compact cameras, or more expensive SLRs. We'll also take a quick look at what image editing applications are available for post-processing images before you commit them to a web page.

How Do I Take Better Photos?

  1. Pick a good background
  2. Focus properly on your subject
  3. Get your depth of field right
  4. Get exposure right
  5. Set the color balance on your camera so colors look natural
  6. Use natural daylight for photographing subjects
  7. Crop your image
  8. Be aware of the effects of using a wide angle lens
  9. Use a tripod
  10. Use flash, digital zoom and interior lighting effectively

Tip 1: Pick a Suitable Background

Try to find an uncluttered plain background if you're photographing objects. You could use grass, sheets of paper, plain colored cloth, the sky, etc.

Good and Bad Backgrounds

Grass as a background and cluttered background on the right

Grass as a background and cluttered background on the right

The sky can be used as a background

The sky can be used as a background

Tip 2: Focus Properly on Your Subject

Focusing means adjusting the lens on the camera so that the image is sharp and clear. Low end and older camera phones have a fixed lens which can't be focused. Lenses are focused at infinity and if you get too close to your subject, the resultant image will be blurred. The lens on most compact digital cameras and smartphones will auto-focus , and on SLR cameras you may be able to turn the focusing ring on the lens of the camera to manually focus the image (in addition to auto-focusing)

Isolating Elements of a Photo

Focusing and depth of field (see below) go hand in hand. You need to decide whether you want everything in the image to be in sharp focus, or whether you want to isolate specific elements in the image and maybe throw the background out of focus.

The autofocus on my camera failed to focus on the subject resulting in a blurred image