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How to Paint Galaxies

I love to take part in crafty activities and wants to also encourage people to be more creative with their life.

The one that started it all

The one that started it all

Dip Into Universal Creativity

Sometimes help is required to unleash your inner creativity. In this tutorial, we will go through some steps on how to paint a galaxy, as well as some tips based on personal experiences (and past failures).

Perseverance and motivation are the keys to success.

Shooting stars

Shooting stars

Tools NeededTips


I suggest acrylic as they have a high viscosity, making it easier to use. Suggested colours: black/dark blue, white, silver, bright colours that match (i.e. pink, purple, blue or red, orange, yellow, green).


Use a variety: a large one for painting the backdrop, and smaller ones for some larger stars.


For the galactic star dust...


Preferably one that you no longer intend on brushing your teeth with :)


Optional to speed up the process of drying

Designs based off of circles using handmade stencils.

Designs based off of circles using handmade stencils.

Instructions to Make Galaxy Paintings

  1. Paint the background black or a dark shade of blue (using a large brush).
  2. Wait for the paint to dry (or use a hair/blowdryer).
  3. Using a sponge and white paint, carefully dab onto the dark scene making sure that there is not too much paint on the sponge (black gaps are encouraged).
  4. Put some water on the white paint and mix—this will lower its viscosity, allowing you to use the toothbrush to flick it onto your piece, creating random small stars.
  5. Wait for the white layer to dry.
  6. Using a different sponge (or after washing it), apply the colours of your choice on top of the white layer, making sure you don't cover everything. If necessary, use some of the colour from the dark layer to ensure that there are some gaps. To blend the colours, use a clean sponge and dab the colours together carefully!
  7. Wait for the layer to dry.
  8. Once again using the toothbrush, flick some stars into place! For larger stars use thin paintbrushes to make small circles and crosses. Optional: Use some silver paint and water to flick some silver stars—once dried they create a shimmery effect!
  9. Wait for the final layer to dry. Optional: If you painted on canvas and want a shiny effect, pour resin over the top to create a protective coat (no tips or instructions as it depends on the type purchased and what you have access to).
Fridge Magnet—A Lighter Universe (test using dark blue instead of black for the background and perfecting my gleaming star)

Fridge Magnet—A Lighter Universe (test using dark blue instead of black for the background and perfecting my gleaming star)

Creative Gifts and Home Decor

Enjoy your galaxy painting! It's perfect for a gift or to decorate your home! You can also paint different canvases using these steps!

The video below is a speed paint of how to paint galaxies, including newer and older techniques. I hope it helps in inspiring you with some designs!

Galaxy Shooting Stars Speed Paint

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Monique K-G (author) from Switzerland on September 27, 2018:


I find acrylics best when working with canvas, however other paints do work well (especially watercolours on paper).

@नखताराम पोकरण

What does Terracotta have to do with painting?

टेराकोटा को पेंटिंग के साथ क्या करना है?

Kitty on May 26, 2018:

You don’t have to have acrylic paint you can use really any kind of paint