Minnesota Hobbies: Barn Board Paint Caddie- Upright Storage for Acrylic Paints

Updated on December 31, 2016


My daughter was looking for ideas on how to regain space on her painting table from the storage of all her bottles of acrylic paint. She was straightening out her painting room and was finding that her paints were taking over.

She noticed a paint bottle holder and asked if we could put something together in my wood working shop. I said "come over and let's see what we can come up with."

Flood Damage

You see, recently this year, we had fourteen inches of rain in a short period of time hit our area and our basement filled up with water. This meant that the decorative barn board that was down stairs was partially submerged in water.

Well. You need to remove the walls to get at the wet insulation behind them and this last weekend we started to remove boards. So, one of the boards that we removed was one that she and I decided to use for our project.

Cutting a Piece to Start

We needed to cut a piece shorter to start the project, since the paint holder that she saw on Pinterest was able to hold 80 bottles of paint and she decided that she could get by with less than 50 holes in her holder.

So. We visually took three bottles of paint and placed them on the board to get an idea of how much board space that this was going to require. Initially we estimated by placing a bottle down, and spacing with my baby finger.

Then we cut the board off in an approximate location a little longer than what we needed. Then we cut a second board for the back. We knew that we'd be cutting them smaller just to be more accurate after we finished drilling our holes.


Drilling the Holes

We used a drill press to drill the holes with a 1 3/8 inch spade bit.

We used a square, pencil and a bottle to start our spacing. We decided where the first bottle position would be and used a pencil to space between and moved the bottle over across the first row, using a sharpie to dot where the center of the bottle would be.

We actually used two bottles and a pencil to move across the board to mark. Bottle down, pencil in between, second bottle, dot. Move pencil, move bottle, dot. Move pencil, move bottle, dot.

We did this with the square and sharpie across the board and took the board over to the drill press and drilled each hole on the sharpie mark.

Then, after the row of holes was drilled, we marked the second row the same way, and drilled those holes.

After three rows, the spacing was just a little crooked, so we took a 2 x 4 and reached across the board and spaced to the first row. It just added charm to the set up. We didn't want to keep going in the initial manner and end up with our holes going up to the corner crooked. A little variation was okay. Major variation was a no no.

Finishing the Edge and Cutting the Frame

After the holes were drilled, the front needed to be evened out, so we took duct tape and marked where the side was even and shortened the length of the body.

That cut, we took the other length of board that was thinner and cut two pieces the same length as the front and back, and then, took them and set them on end next to the front and cut two pieces that were as wide as the three pieces set together. One for the top and one for the bottom.

Then, we took two bar clamps and set the sides and the bottom and the front inside the clamps. We nailed the front to the sides first and then, after the front was secure, nailed the back to the sides. Then, we completed the project by nailing the short top to the one end of the assembly and then finished by nailing the other short piece to the bottom. I used a 2 inch finishing brad.


Paint Bottles Fit Perfectly

The 1 3/8 bit was the perfect size for the bottles she had. They fit perfectly in the holes.


Paint Brush Caddie

The next project we are going to do is a matching paint brush caddie for her paint brushes. That will be on Monday.


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