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How to Draw a Fish​: Simple Steps for Kids

Some paper creations make your day better while some others help to lift you broken mood. Here is one that does both. Just give it a try!

This tutorial will help anyone draw a beautiful underwater scene.

This tutorial will help anyone draw a beautiful underwater scene.

How to Draw a Fish Underwater

Imagine you are a scuba diver swimming in the sea. Apart from the underwater life, something else is intriguing: the sea above you.

The deep sea is full of darkness, and the little light that enters from the surface produces a mesmerizing effect. In that light, you may find a few fish swimming above you, their shadows varying from dark black to blue in colour. That scene is worth capturing to heart.

It is very simple to make this painting. More importantly, the theme of this scenery is very unique and creative. Enjoy!

Materials Needed

  • Watercolors
  • Drawing paper
  • Plastic bag
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Black markers

Step 1: Make a Square

Start by sketching out a square-shaped box using a ruler and pencil. This is the outline of where you will draw the scene.

Step 2: Mix the Paints

Mix the watercolours on a plate. Use the green and Prussian blue colours to create an underwater look. Dilute the paints so you can prepare them for the next step.

Step 3: Work the Plastic

For painting, take a regular plastic bag and fold it in such a way (as shown above) that you can tap it on paper and make impressions with it.

Step 4: Dip the Bag in Paint

Dip the folded plastic bag in the colour you prepared. Tap it gently on the paper.

Step 5: Leave the Center

You need to make the centre of the image less dark since this is the area where sunlight enters the sea. Leave a small part of the centre area blank or tap it very lightly with the plastic bag.

Step 6: Darken the Edges

Paint the outer edges a little darker. For this, use the Prussian Blue colour.

Step 7: Add Sea Plants

An underwater world is incomplete without plant life. Use a thin paintbrush and mix Prussian blue and green to create the colour of the sea plant. Gently make thin, long strokes to make the leaves.

Step 8: Sketch the Fish

Drawing a fish is very simple. Begin by drawing a sausage/banana with a pencil. Then, erase the one end where you want the tail. Fish tails are thin compared to the head. To make the head of fish, shape the other part of the sausage/banana to be a little big and curved. Add fins to this shape, and your painting is complete!

Want more help with drawing the fish? If you do, try the following steps below:

The finished product is beautiful!

The finished product is beautiful!

Step 9: Frame the Painting

Frame the painting and enjoy seeing people marvel at your creation!

Fun Facts About the Underwater World

  1. The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived in water or land. It is a mammal and feeds its baby milk.
  2. The weight of an adult blue whale is about 140,000 kg. Its tongue alone weighs as much as an elephant.
  3. Penguins 'fly' underwater at a speed of 25 miles per hour.
  4. The male seahorse gives birth to the child and carries them in a pouch in their body.
  5. The size of the giant octopus' baby is similar to that of a grain of rice.


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