How to Draw Fishes in an Underwater Scenery Easily.

Updated on March 12, 2017
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Draw fishes in a unique underwater scenery.

Imagine that you are a scuba diver swimming in the sea. Apart from the underwater life there is another thing that is very interesting there. It is the sea above you.

The deep sea is full of darkness and the small amount of light that enters from the surface produces a mesmerizing glittering effect. In that light you may find few fishes swimming above you. Their shadow will be dark black to blue in colour. That scene is worth capturing in heart.

In this article I am going to paint the underwater scene decribed above, using a plastic packet. It is very simple to make this painting and more importantly theme of this scenery is very unique and creative.

Materials needed:

1. Water colour

2. Drawing paper

3. A Plastic packet

4. Pencil, Eraser, Ruler and Black colour markers.


Step 1

Start by making a square shaped box using a ruler and pencil. This is an outline where you will draw the scenery.

Step 2

Mix water colours in a plate. Use the green and Prussian blue colour to create a underwater look. Dilute the paints so that you can use it for painting the scenery as mentioned in the next step.

Step 3

For painting, take a regular plastic packet and fold it in such a way (as shown in pictures) that you can tap it on paper and make impressions on it.

Step 4

Now dip the folded plastic packet in the colour that you prepared previously and then tap it gently on the paper.

Step 5

Please note that you need to make the centre of the scenery less deep since this is the area where sun light enters the sea. For this leave a small part of area in centre of the scenery uncoloured or tap that area lightly with the plastic packet.

Step 6

Now you need to paint the outer side of the scenery little darker than the normal colour. For this use the Prussian Blue colour (as shown in the picture above).

Step 7

An underwater world is incomplete without sea plants. To make sea plants use thin paint brush. Mix Prussian blue and Green colour and gently make thin and long strokes with the paint brush to make the leaves from the outer part of the scenery.

Step 8.

Lastly you need to draw fishes.

Drawing a fish is very simple. Begin by drawing a sausage/banana by pencil. Now erase its one end which you want to make its tale. Try making it as shown in the picture. Tails of fish are thin as compared to their head.

Now to make the head of fish shape the other part of the sausage/banana little big and curved. Add fins to this shape and your painting is complete.

Step 9

Frame the painting and see how it amazes anyone who sees it.

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Fun facts about underwater world:

1. The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived in water or land. It is a mammel and feeds its baby milk.

2. The weight of an adult blue whale is about 140,000 kg. Out of which the tongue itself weights as that of an elephant.

3. Penguins 'fly' underwater at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

4. The male sea horse give birth to their child and carry them in a pouch in their body.

5. The size of the baby of a giant octopus is similar to that of the grain of rice.

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        Aditya Chakrabarty 15 months ago from India

        I am glad you liked it. Thanks!

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        A hub suitable for teaching children to make a lovely painting that's not difficult and fun.