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Watercolor Christmas Cards

A small collection of my cards

A small collection of my cards

Watercolor Christmas Cards

The first time I painted watercolor Christmas cards, I was sitting at a table in my local bookstore cafe. It was a brisk, cold morning in early November in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. My daughter was visiting from the Pacific Northwest, and while she worked on a blog, I painted. It wasn't long before I had several cards out on the table, drying.

My cards started drawing the attention of shoppers who had come into the cafe for a coffee and sweet holiday snack. I soon realized making Christmas watercolor cards was not only a lovely distraction from the time commitment of creating larger paintings, but it was also a way to make a little extra cash.

It was a total surprise to me that doing something so fun, quick, and easy would be admired and sought after. I ended up with several commissions, and I delivered all of them on time. People want something special at Christmas time, but honestly, the cards do not even have to be Christmas-y in nature. They can just be snow scenes. They can be mountains and skiers, trees with branches laden with snow; it really doesn't matter because it's the essence of winter and the joys of the season that come through.

McCormick's Creek, Indiana

McCormick's Creek, Indiana

How to Create Them

It doesn't take a lot of pigment to create a card, and you don't need all the colors on the color wheel either. My advice is to keep it simple.

Materials Needed:

A small travel kit will do nicely!

  • A couple of your favorite brushes
  • A water cup
  • A tube of titanium white gouache (for snow)
  • Cards

When I've finished painting, I also like to bring clear card sleeves for packaging cards and envelopes. If you don't have clear sleeves, you can purchase these at most arts and crafts stores. The most important thing is to get going on painting cards. It is nearly the season again, it comes fast, and the countdown has begun.

If you love Christmas as I do, or for that matter, if you love the beauty of the season, then you'll enjoy making cards and selling them.

Mt. Hood Ski Resort in Oregon

Mt. Hood Ski Resort in Oregon

Size of the Cards

I carry with me an assortment of different size watercolor cards. You can find these through various websites (check links below) or even in your local arts and crafts stores.

I began painting on the smallest card I could find (3x5) and then worked my way up to the larger cards (5x7). After a while, the size of the card doesn't matter. It's what you put on the card that makes it stand out.

Don't wait to get started! Order your cards today, and have fun creating your own beautiful cards.

Mt. Bachelor in Central Oregon impresses with its winter beauty.

Mt. Bachelor in Central Oregon impresses with its winter beauty.

Watercolor Supplies

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Questions & Answers

Question: How did you know how much to charge for your art?

Answer: I really didn't know how much to charge, and I wasn't prepared for selling at that time. My price varies depending on where I am and what the situation is, but I charge anywhere from $8 to $12 a card. For example, if I'm producing ten cards on commission, I'll tend to give a break on the price. I hope that helps, and I hope you'll try it out. Post a picture of your cards; I would love to see them.


Penny Lulich (author) from Indiana on November 02, 2017:

Thank you C.S. Alexis! I see you're from NW Indiana. I have painted a little up near Chicago, and this past summer at the dunes on Lake Michigan. It's all beautiful country. I hope you try painting the cards.

C.S.Alexis from NW Indiana on November 01, 2017:

Love your cards, thanks for sharing.