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All About Diamond Painting

Emily has been an avid crafter for many years, but also enjoys reading and baking.

Diamond painting, "Masquerade"

Diamond painting, "Masquerade"

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting comes somewhere between painting-by-numbers and cross-stitch and involves using an applicator to place hundreds of resin beads/drills (diamonds) one by one (cross-stitch) onto an adhesive colour-coded canvas (paint-by-numbers).

It is a fairly new craft compared to others and has taken the crafting and artist community by storm. How long it lasts remains to be seen, but at the moment it is one of the most popular crafts around.

It is quite easy to get started, requires limited experience, and you will learn almost immediately how it all works.

There are many sites out there selling canvases and you will be tempted by the prices on some but, speaking from experience, stay clear of the cheap ones, as they are of poor quality and badly designed. I wouldn't spend too much on your first one either just in case you don't enjoy it or something goes wrong.

Also, if you are going to go for one that has a lot of detail, then bigger is better. I would suggest choosing a canvas that is at least 30 cms x 40 cms in size. It has something to do with the pixels of the original image.

So, after you have ordered and waited by your mailbox in anticipation, you will receive something like this.

A diamond painting kit I received

A diamond painting kit I received

Diamond Painting Kits

Your kit will include:

  • canvas
  • drills (diamonds)
  • applicator
  • wax adhesive
  • drill dispenser

Round vs. Square Drills

This particular one is what they call a "full round," as a round drill is placed on every square covering the whole canvas. There are also kits with square drills but I wouldn't advise getting the square for your first go as it is slightly harder. But if you're up for a challenge, go for it. There are for and against arguments for both.


On the side of the canvas you will see the colour code; the corresponding codes will be on each bag of drills and the corresponding letter or symbol on the canvas.


The canvas is already adhesive and covered in a sheet of cellophane, which you peel back bit by bit as you complete more of the painting. Do not peel the cellophane completely off or everything and anything will stick to the canvas.


Get your applicator and press it down into the red wax this allows you to easily pick up the drills and start placing them according to the pattern.

Thats about it. Start creating the most amazing pictures that you can keep for yourself or gift to others. They would make for a lovely and unique present, especially as the season to be jolly will shortly be upon us.

Using the applicator

Using the applicator

Mindfulness and Art Therapy

Diamond painting is a type of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT) and is very relaxing and therapeutic. It has been known to reduce stress and anxiety—it certainly worked for me when I was going through a bit of a hard time. You can choose an image—such as a mandala—that is specifically designed for meditation.

Benefits of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting can greatly improve hand-eye coordination and physical motor skills, stimulate your creative juices and boost confidence.

All in all, it is an enjoyable hobby that allows you to relax without any form of technology. That's got to be good thing in this day and age of phones, tablets, game consoles, etc.

Enjoy the Journey

Diamond painting is a growing art community, so there are plenty of forums and Facebook groups that you can join and interact with others who share the same passion.

Go ahead and give it a go. Who knows where the journey will take you?

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