Paint Pouring Rock Guide for Beginners

Turn a plain rock into a work of art with this step-by-step tutorial on paint pouring. Even kids can do this fun, easy project. When finished, use them in the garden, give them as gifts or hide them in your community for others to find.


How to Paint Believable Trees Step-by-Step

Learn the 10 steps to painting trees, starting with the most important feature of the tree, its contour, and ending with the details. Robie Benve shares her ten secrets to painting trees that are believable and that present character and dimension.


11 Animal Paintings by Famous Artists

We all know Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Munch's "The Scream," but few are familiar with these artists' lesser-known works. From dogs to owls, read on to discover 11 of the most surprising and amusing animal paintings by famous artists.


How to Paint a Seagull With Acrylic Paints

Learn how to paint a seagull with acrylic paints! I've created a detailed step-by-step tutorial with photos and a video that shows how to create a painting of a seagull standing on a beach. You'll also learn some general tips and techniques for painting with acrylics.

Tips on painting outdoors for beginners.

11 Tips for Painting Outdoors With Oils

If you are used to painting in the studio, the first few paintings you do outdoors are going to be very challenging. However, painting en plein air can be a great experience and teach you a lot. Here are 11 tips that can help you make outdoors painting a little easier and more successful.

Plein Air painting, is it for you?

En Plein Air Painting: Is It for You?

Pros and cons of plein air painting. A lot of artists think that painting landscapes on location is the best way to go. Learn about the advantages and challenges of painting outdoors. Would you enjoy it? Plus, tips to help you have an easier and more successful outdoor painting experience.