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A Quick and Easy Origami-Folding Towel Method

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Looks great nicely swept over the side of the tub, but equally beautiful hanging from a towel bar.

Looks great nicely swept over the side of the tub, but equally beautiful hanging from a towel bar.

Folding a Towel Into a Pocket

I absolutely love making towel origami. When we visited hotels, the fancy folded towels really added a memorable touch. Now, you can quickly and easily do this in your own home! Have fun and get creative; your guests will love this little special treat when showering or bathing.

You can apply this same fold to almost any type of fabric, including bed linens and blankets. They can always be filled with thoughtful, comforting items such as candles, incense, toys, stuffed animals, night lights, books, or even handwritten prayers or Bible quotes. Whatever you desire! The fold is so simple that anyone can do it, even on short notice.

What You'll Need

  • Hand towel
  • Washcloth
  • Small bath items: A variety of mini soaps or other personal touches are optional, but I highly suggest personalizing them whenever possible. Even simple soaps and flowers can create the wow factor!

How to Fold a Towel in a Fancy Way

  1. Take your hand towel and lay it out flat, tag side down.
  2. Fold one side about 3–4 inches up. This creates the pocket.
  3. Take the towel and put the fold side down.
  4. Begin folding inward in rolls about 3–4 inches per roll from left to right, whichever way is easier for you.
  5. Tuck in the loose end. Sometimes you can't tuck if you fold it too much, which is not a problem.
  6. Flip it on the opposite side and drape over the side of the tub or over a towel bar.
  7. Add a fanned washcloth or other decorative items to the pocket.

How to Fan the Washcloth

  1. Lay the washcloth out flat, tag side down.
  2. Start on one end and fold about an inch in on one side.
  3. Alternate this same 1-inch folds between both sides in an accordion pattern.
  4. When you're finished, pinch one end of the washcloth and tuck that end into your pocket
  5. Fan the top and make it pretty!
Filled with kids' tub toys!

Filled with kids' tub toys!

What to Use to Fill the Pockets

If you decide to fill the pocket with items instead of a washcloth, neatly lay the fanned washcloth near the towel pocket. Try to choose items that are tailored to your guest's personality and preferences.

Here are a few ideas things you can put in the pocket:

  • Special soaps (travel sizes work great)
  • Bubble bath liquid
  • Artificial flowers
  • Loofahs
  • Foot care products
  • Lotions
  • Special notes
  • Poems or cards

If you create a lovely bath for your significant other, you can even put in their favorite kind of tea and, once they're in the tub, make it for them.


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41. Great! What a cool idea to fold a towel for guests! Towel origami is so good to utilize anywhere. I personally make use of these towels. And this feels I better. Thanks for sharing the video.

Rebecca (author) from USA on July 16, 2013:

Thanks Pauline! I'm adding to this series! I didn't realize all the strange and cool things you can make.

Pauline Davenport from Isle of Man on July 16, 2013:

Thanks for this Bishop55. Any house guest would love this, and it's something that little bit special that will help them feel welcome

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