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Top 3 Youtube Channels of the Week

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Below are three YouTube channels perfect for binge-watching.

Below are three YouTube channels perfect for binge-watching.

Binge-Watching Is a Hobby

Festival season in India, which is currently ongoing, makes anyone and everyone highly occupied. Employees and employers are busy with new projects, promotions and getting the most out of it, while students are preparing for their semester exams and homemakers are cleaning and decorating their houses.

Amidst all this, sparing some time of the day to pursue one’s hobbies, including binge-watching, is a bit tricky. However, being humans we all find time for the things we love and cherish the most and binge-watching certainly cracks the top five for many of us.

Hence to facilitate you all, and reduce the trouble and stress of surfing through Youtube regarding what to watch, a new list for this week’s top-3 Youtube channels has been prepared and is presented below. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, coffee or a dessert and binge on.

1. The Dynamic Doctor Mike

In many parts of India, people often apply “Nanima ke Nuskhe” whenever they are not well. It translates to “Maternal Grandma’s Cures”. These are kind of homemade remedies which were passed down to generations from our elders. Such remedies are basically various kinds of concoctions. Some of them worked and are used in some alternative medicines like Ayurveda and such, while the others are mere placebos.

When you read about the history of various civilizations around the world, it becomes apparent that such experiments with different herbs and chemicals were conducted all around to find cures. Alchemy is the term that encapsulates it all. As human civilizations progressed and became closer, there was one particular set of medicines that are now trusted by the majority around the world: Allopathy. However, there are a group of “geniuses”, “experts” and “gurus” who mix and match random foods and herbs and claim them to be highly effective alternative medicines and treatments. The Internet is swarming with such groups of people. Hence, it is getting more and more difficult to find something reliable and useful for the simplest of things.

This is where Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski comes in. Living in New York city, Doctor Mike, as he is known on Youtube, reviews various videos about such concoctions from cartoon series like The Family Guy to Tik Tok videos, and shares his thoughts and actual expert opinions regarding various medical conditions and cures while also calling out the baloney.

However, unlike most of the other doctors, his way of communication is quite interesting, to the point and often captivating. Also, his videos are only around 10 minutes, so boredom doesn’t even come close by the time they are over. Since its inception in 2016, this channel has garnered over 10 million subscribers and two billion views. If you are anything like me, and love to learn about various situations and scenarios in life, including those in the medical field, this is your ultimate go to place. Surf through his channel and check out cool and informative stuff. You can thank me later. Also, he is available on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok, links to which you will be able to find in his about section.

  • Doctor Mike - YouTube
    Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 20,000,000+ follow...

2. Behind the Scenes With OSSA Movies

Entertainment has been a part of all cultures. From music, dancing and singing to books and movies, this world has seen evolution in its form as well. In current times, with easy accessibility to the internet, most forms of performing arts are available to us through a few simple clicks via TV channels, OTT platforms and other video publishing sites like Youtube.

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While plenty of us watch them for sheer entertainment to help escape the reality for the time being, many others like me surf through them to learn and gain something out of it. For example, while an IT guy or a salesman by profession watches a movie just to relax and have fun, a student of performing art or a writer or critique watches it with a different perspective to have a varied outcome. Nevertheless, a good movie or a TV or web series intrigues us all equally to know more about what happened during its formative time—from story to script writing, selection of cast, situations behind the scene, mistakes during the shoot (also known as bloopers), and everything surrounding it.

There are plenty of channels out there who provide glimpses as mentioned above. But most of them do not cover all the aspects such as writer’s thoughts and changes in perceptions regarding situations, scenarios and characters. Hence, we are often left with some at least unanswered questions. Searching for such a channel led me to OSSA Movies. It is up and running since 2019. They publish videos fairly frequently and have content in each to quench our thirst to learn more about all that went and took place while making a movie or series. It sure does have bloopers, which are the fun part of it along with the upbeat commentary in the background.

Go ahead and check it out. The link is given below. They are available on other platforms like Instagram, FB and Tiktok, in case you fancy a chat with them.

  • OSSA Movies - YouTube
    Welcome to OSSA Movies - a comfy place to explore the hidden world of your favorite movies and TV series.We are here to reveal the most unexpected behind the...

3. Jerry B. Jenkins: Dedicated to Writers

For the final entry of this volume of "Youtube channels of the week" series, I have found out videos containing tips for the struggling and aspiring writers. I have plenty of concepts and ideas of my own for novels and articles. However, I have never taken up a single class of literature or such where I can learn about writing a book, and a fictional one at that. So, I go rifling through the internet daily, reading articles and watching videos about it.

This led me to a set of tips shared by an expert who has been New York Times bestselling author 21 times. I am pretty sure that most of you reading this might be aware of him. His name is Jerry B. Jenkins, which is also the name of his Youtube channel. There, Jerry shares various tips regarding writing on a regular basis, which I find quite insightful and undoubtedly useful for my aspiration. Furthermore, his videos are only approximately 10 minutes long and absolutely to the point.

So, if you have started writing and are stuck, there is a specific video that can help you out. Also, he does live Q&A sometimes, so his subscribers get a chance to interact with him directly. If you have even a bit of interest in writing or just wish to learn how others do it, this is the place to be. So go ahead and check out through the link below. He is also available on Twitter and Facebook.

Until Next Time...

With this, I am putting the final nail in the coffin for my first volume of YT channels to watch. I hope you all have enjoyed it so far. I will be back with more new and exciting channels in the next volume soon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.