"She Shed" or Craft Room: Pros and Cons

Updated on July 2, 2020
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

The "She Shed" is one of the most popular ideas for anyone with a hobby
The "She Shed" is one of the most popular ideas for anyone with a hobby

You see them everywhere! It is the newest craft craze! It is the "She Shed!"

The "She Shed" is widely popular. From a simple design to a designer's dream, these decked out craft spaces are the newest craze. It can be a place where you relax to get away from the bustle of your life. It can be a place where you paint, craft, read or relax.

The first step in deciding if a "She Shed" or a craft room is right for you, is to define the purpose of the space. What will you use it for? Is it a space where you will do crafts, or just spend quiet time reading? Think about what the space means to you.

Then the next question is how much space will you need? Measure the furniture, bookcases, materials, etc. Really give thought to how much space will you need.

Common Features in a "She Shed"

What are most ladies looking for in a "She Shed?"

  • A big screen TV: 43% said they need one
  • Mini Fridge: 34 % have one
  • Houseplants: 20% wanted them
  • Sound system: 20%
  • Desk: 19%
  • Vanity: 18%

While I might agree if the "She Shed" was used as a retreat, the priorities would not be the same if it was going to be used as a craft space

Get That Permit

If you are adding a door, a room or a "She Shed," it is important to check with your building department to make sure that you do not need a permit. Do not trust any builder who tells you that you do not need one.

"She Shed" or Craft Room

OK so you know you need space for your craft or hobby. Now the question is should you use an existing space or build an external shed?

Make A Craft Room

So if you have a space that you can use, like a spare room or a basement or even an enclosed porch, can you convert that to a craft room?

First assuming that you have a space, how big is the space and will it accommodate your needs?

If you have a spare bedroom that will work, could you or would you put permanent shelving or closets in that space? The reason that you need to consider it is the fact that someday if you sell that house, the use of that spare bedroom could affect the sale. Or could you use things like bookcases and storage units, that in effect would and could revert the room back to a bedroom in the future?

Of course, the ideal situation is that you have a third bedroom, an attic, cellar or home office that could be recast to be your hobby room. In that case, there actually would be an enhancement to your home.

With this idea in mind, you could do a lot with your budget. First, paint the room. A fresh coat of paint works wonders with any space. You could add shelving or cabinets. If your husband is handy with tools, you could get a lot done with a minimal budget.

The best thing about this type of craft space is that there is already air conditioning. heat and running water.

The "She Shed"

The idea of the "She Shed" has been a craze for about a year now. There are some beautiful spaces decked out like a designer room for just about any hobby.

But constructing such a space has its pros and cons. On the pro side, you are going to get the space that you want as big as your budget will allow. You can design it or get one already made. You will also enhance your property with a shed that can be used later on for just about anything. You will also create a very special private space where you can enjoy your time and hobbies.

The flip side of that is that by the time you are completed, your budget will take a hit of about $2000 or more. Unless you place it in, you will not have heat, air conditioning or electric. And of course, no bathroom or sink.

She Shed/ Craft Space Tip

Consider the weather where you live. Determine if heat or cold is a problem to the supplies and materials that you are going to store in your "She Shed" or craft room.

Craft rooms are generally a makeover of a current unused space
Craft rooms are generally a makeover of a current unused space

She Shed/Craft Space Tip

Make sure to hire a qualified electrician to do any electrical work you may have in either your craft room or your "She Shed."

She Shed/Craft Space Tip

Find out from your insurance agent if your "She Shed" would be covered under your insurance policy. If not be sure to add insurance to cover your shed and the contents.

Before You Get Started

Like any other project, before you get started, you need to do some planning. It all starts with looking at your current crafting space. Think about what is working for you, what is not and what you will need. Remember one thing about craft sheds. The things that you store in them like scrapbooks, paper pens, inks ect. have temperatures through out the year that have to be maintained. So depending on where you live, you may have to consider heating or cooling.

Step 1-Measure the current amount of craft space that you have Draw it out on paper. If you are working on a dining room table or out of a closet, then anything will be an improvement. Figure out how much space you will need.

Step 2-Make a list of all the things that you would ideally like to have in your craft shed. Go crazy ! Windows, air conditioner/heater, special lighting-make your wish list. Make a list of what you have that could be used in your new space.

Step 3- Look at your options. Start on the internet. Look at pre-made sheds at places like Lowes and Home Depot. Advance to any places in your area that might make custom sheds. Shed kits are another option if you have a someone who can help you build it. Keep photos and idea in a folder.

Step 4-Check with the local zoning board to find out what permits and zoning laws you will need to consider. For example, when we put a utility shed on our property, the shed had to be 10 feet from the edge on all sides.

Step 5- Decide on your budget for the project. There are a few essentials like electric outlets and work space that are needed, but some of the extras can always be budgeted for later

Step 6- Know how much land you have available for your shed. Measure out the property so you know how it will fit into the space.

Step 7- Visit the sites where the sheds are to get a feel for the space and the quality for the price. This is a fun part of the project. Visit the locations. Find out what options are available. Get information about the models you are interested in/

Step 8- Make your decision and get started !

Start With Your Budget

As with any project, your decision which way to go has to start with your budget. How much are you willing to spend and how much bang will you get for your buck?

If you decide to go the "She Shed" route, your cost will depend on the size of the shed and the materials that you want to use.

Metal Sheds

There are of course the prefab metal sheds. Some companies will put these together for you, but most of them are a kit that you put together. If you are not handy, then you would have to consider the cost of installing it. Depending on the size of the shed, they could run between $300-$2000 as the kit.

Wood Sheds

Wood sheds are the most popular option. That is because they enhance the beauty of your property. But the more practical reason for wood is because you can add creative options like skylights, shelves, windows, and features.

Wooden "She Sheds" are more expensive. You can figure anything from $600 to $3000 just for the base unit.

Vinyl Sheds

What sells the vinyl shed id the durability of the shed. They do not become worn by rot, insects or decay. The other pro on this shed is that they stand up to extreme weather elements. They are considered the most maintenance-free options.

The average price on one of these averages from $500-$5000.

Redoing A Craft Room

Depending on the room or space that you have, the actual redo budget will depend on the size of the space and how handy you or your family may be.

Possible costs could include paint, flooring, cabinets, desk or workspace, lighting, etc.

Pros and Cons on "She Sheds" and Craft Rooms

Craft Room
She Sheds
Cost for redo on craft space could be less
More private space
Already has heat/air and bathroom and electric
Can size the way you want
No permits needed
Easy to customize to your taste
Part of a permanent structure
Can add a lot of value to your property
While the cost of redo in an existing room may be less, the she shed is still more economical than a new addition to your home

She Shed/ Craft Space Tip

No matter where you decide to have your craft space, make sure that you have enough electrical outlets for your computer, and your craft machines like your electronic cutting machine, glue gun and all of your electronic tools

Add A Bathroom To Your She Shed

Adding a water closet or small bathroom would be perfect, of course. But then the question is, does it then become a tiny house? Check with your local zoning laws before you put one in.

Using an Unused Shed-Tips For Renovating

You may have a start to your she shed if you have a shed on your property that has very little use. Consider where you may be able to put materials that are in a partially used shed. You may have a resource right in your view.

  • Purge the materials -throw any unused or broken items. Donate what you can. Discard what you can. Remember to follow community guidelines for disposing of things like paint or solvents.
  • Add a coat of paint-Painting an area always makes it look fresh ! Keep your colors light to make the area look larger than it is
  • Add a skylight or windows- Bring in the light
  • Add insulation to the walls
  • Add more lighting to the room-would suggest getting an electrician
  • Add an air- conditioner / heating unit to your shed. They have nice dual units in your local home /garden stores. make sure that the electrical line in your shed is right for it.

Once you clean out the shed, start planning the renovations that might be possible.

Paint Adds A Special Touch

No matter what she shed you decide on, a coat of paint makes your space warm and inviting. Chose a color that will make your space appear larger than it is. Stick to colors like, white, off white, blue and green. That way you will never have a "closed in feeling"

"She Shed" or Craft Room?

Would you rather have a she shed or a craft room

See results
It is important to understand how your she shed is covered by insurance
It is important to understand how your she shed is covered by insurance

Is Your She Shed Covered By Insurance

You remember the commercial where Sheryl is asking her insurance agent about the she shed being covered by insurance while it was burning. Well, the point being you need to understand if your she shed is covered by insurance. You also need to know how much it is covered for, if the contents is covered and the circumstances that it would be covered.

If it is not covered under your homeowners insurance, find out how much it would cost to add it on.

Then make sure to take pictures of your she shed inside and out, so that is something happens, you will have an easy path to get recovery.

You have put time, effort and money into your special place. Make sure to protect your investment.

She Shed/ Craft Space Tip

You can find furniture and storage units in your local thrift store and consignment store. With a little paint you can create something special for your craft space.

This craft space uses every bit of storage space.
This craft space uses every bit of storage space.

Storage Ideas For Your She Shed/Craft Space

No matter which way you decide to go, you are going to need storage space for your supplies and craft tools. Remember, before you decide what kind of storage to use, measure your space, decide the features that you need and how they will fit in your space.

  • Think up ! Think about your space and where you can use shelves or bookcases for storage. If you are like most of us, you have lots of things that you need to store. Shelving on the wall above your work space uses the space that you may have over looked.
  • Work surface ideas can include two storage pieces with a desk top. That adds additional storage space.
  • Rolling carts can add really handy storage. Most have shelves or drawers depending on the type you chose. There are so many choices when it comes to carts these days.
  • Use floor space with buckets and baskets. Baskets are a wonderful solution and they add a decorative touch.
  • Consider a multi drawers unit. You can store and organize almost anything in them, The more drawers and storage units the better.

Natural Light

You can never have enough natural light in your she shed. Windows are a great option whenever possible. Doors that open up to let natural light in are another consideration

Final Thoughts On She Shed Craft Spaces

I have seen some beautiful craft spaces both indoors and as a craft she shed. No matter where you craft, you can always make something special from your heart. If you are blessed to have a special space to craft, then enjoy your space. Create an atmosphere that is filled with your love. If your space is limited, then enjoy the process and dream about your future space. Dreams do come true. Happy Crafting !

© 2018 Linda F Correa

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