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6 Crazy Book Accessories for Book Lovers


Jaydee loves to search through Amazon in her free time and find some cool items. Welcome to The Great Amazon Search!

Adjustable and Portable Book Stand

Adjustable and Portable Book Stand

1. Adjustable and Portable Book Stand

Okay, let's talk book stands. We bookworms love holding our books and turning the pages physically feeling a story within its pages, tracing over the words in extreme concentration. Although sometimes holding a book open for so long can get a little uncomfortable, and that's where these book stands come to our aid.

Think about all those times you held books that are hard to put down, where you end up holding them for hours or until you get this cramp in your hand that you have no choice but to put it down and take a break. All those coffees and teas have gone cold cause your hands weren't free to grab the mug and take a sip. A classic example is the 500 - 1000 page books where you reach the middle and just can't use one hand to hold it open any-more.

This stand is perfect for recipe books at times where your hands aren't free to hold open a book in order to read a recipe. Placing this guy down and locking your book in could mean a great deal of help, almost like a second pair of hands in the kitchen. No worries about the book closing while you're reading the recipe or having to get the book all messed up just to open it up again. With a stand like this, you will be able to read any recipe, all hands-free.

And the lights at the bottom are perfect for night time reads. Those times you don't want to disturb anyone by keeping the lights on, this stand acts like a little table where the only thing that is lit up is your book; works well for those weekends you wish to stay up reading some of your favorite books.

I think what the creator of the adjustable portable reading stand had in mind was the ability to be free to relax, Kind of like mounting a TV to a wall so you could lean back and enjoy.

The Book Seat

The Book Seat

2. The Book Seat

A clever name for a book stand, and it looks very comfortable too. This stand reminds me of a beanbag. If any of you ever owned one or even just sat in one, you'd probably look at this stand as a mini beanbag for your book.

This stand doubles as a travel pillow and are perfect for those frequent travelers.
Whether long trips on a bus or car or even flying over to another country on a plane, this product is the perfect companion for your book. Like I've mentioned before, book stands give us a hands-free experience and on most trips. Many of us just want to lean back and relax and enjoy our read. Maybe cup our hands over a nice warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee while we read, and what better way than have this guy hold your book for you while you multitask like eat, write, study, drink, or even work. Just set your book in and enjoy the content hands-free.

The difference between this stand and the first one I mentioned (the adjustable and portable book stand) is that it doesn't need a flat surface to hold your book. While being convenient in a way as it's soft body molds to any kind of surface which makes reading on a chair or in bed or even in the car or plane much more enjoyable. You can say goodbye to those painful cramps we get in the neck, shoulders or wrists after reading for long periods of time, the book seat is for your complete relaxation as you enjoy your book.

It even comes with a little storage pocket perfect for your mobile phone, for those who love to update their reading status on Goodreads. In a way, it appeals to the bookworm nature and is definitely a fun accessory for us book lovers.

The Book Light Book Mark

The Book Light Book Mark

3. The Book Light Book Mark

Now we come to the lights.

What are our nighttime reads without the much-needed light?

I'm sure many of us have memories of holding a torch over our book under the sheets as kids. Maybe, some of us still do it as adults; I know I do. But we have come a long way from your ordinary torch. A long way indeed, in fact, I found one which is pretty cool and highly versatile that is sure to make us bookworms go crazy.

But first I must ask what is it that we look for in a book light?

  • Portability.
  • Hands-free when it comes time to be used.
  • Possibly a variety of colors to suit our personality and sense of style.
  • Something small enough to carry in our bag; which makes it great for travel.

This is probably the coolest one yet. It has its own little style that I think will get every bookworm buying one. Are you ready for this?

It's a book light that doubles as a bookmark; you could say you are getting the best of both worlds.
A bookmark by morning and a book light by night, the cool little gadget which comes in an assortment of colors and patterns to your liking is perfect for camping and traveling, it's easy to carry and is a massive change to our usual torch, a far more comfortable option given that it's hands-free.

Its lightweight body assures no damage to your book, and its flexible neck bends to where you need the light the most, and now we can start checking off our list above, we can say it's portable, hands-free, available in colors to suit your style and is lightweight and small enough to be taken anywhere with you. Another great invention towards our bookworm needs. What more could we possibly ask for?

The Thumb Thing

The Thumb Thing

4. The Thumb Thing

Amazon has a variety of amazing stuff to meet your every need, and when I was searching for book accessories, it's amazing what cool inventions I found, I mean just look at this next product that I'm sure some of us have heard about, but if you haven't well here you go.

Meet Thumb Thing, an adorable little gadget that helps you hold open your book. We all have experienced those thick books that keep folding in on us every time we try to hold it with one hand. Just like a book stand this handy little tool helps us multitask in a book in one hand sort of way.

Just imagine there's someone at the door, and you're in the middle of being engrossed in one of your books, and you can't find your bookmark to quickly close it and come back to it later. But with the thumb thing you wouldn't have that problem, would you? You could just as easily use your free hand to open the door or stir your food on the stove or even sip your tea/coffee. No more spreading your fingers as wide as you can in order to keep your book open with one hand. It's a small product, but it holds so much potential for use.

It's great for reading one-handed while standing or lying down or even in front of a group of people.

Some of us may use this every day, and some of us may use it only on those rare occasions that we would need it, nevertheless, it is a fun little tool to consider getting. It comes in all kinds of sizes ranging from small all the way to extra large for those big books we all love. And those bright colors can't be missed and can't forget it would make a great gift for a fellow bookworm.

The Book Bone

The Book Bone

5. Book Bone

If you thought the thumb thing was unique take a look at this interesting paperweight.

It's called the Book Bone and from what I have read this cool gadget has multiple functions that could possibly blow your mind.

  • It's weighed rubber holds your book open and wouldn't fall off even if the book is tilted or slanting; it has a flexible neck while the two ends are heavy that makes this task of keeping your book open fairly easy.
  • It's a bookmark, according to their guide you just place this guy at the outer portion of your book and you have an instant bookmark.
  • If you are a person who worries about getting pages dirty especially of a brand new book you just bought, then this next function is ideal for you, you can turn pages with it with just a simple twist of the book bone.

Down below is a picture of a little instructional manual the book bone comes with, and it's quite easy to use. This product is definitely out of the norm, but I guess that's what I was looking for when I did my great Amazon search.

The Book Bone is a basic sort of book accessory but in many ways is unlike your average paperweight. From the list of things above this simple little tool can do so much more and like the thumb thing would make a cool present for any bookworm. When it comes to accessories, we love our paperweights and bookmarks, but when some great person out there comes up with an idea to combine the two and make one great product, you can't help but be amazed. It's simple and fun and quite versatile in its number of uses. For anyone collecting unique book accessories, here's one for the list.

ExcelMark Personal Hand Embosser

ExcelMark Personal Hand Embosser

6. ExcelMark Personal Hand Embosser

I'm so glad I saved the best for last. I think at some point many of us want to personalize our precious novels and books with our name or some kind of signature, just a little something to call it ours. This amazing tool helps us to do just that!

It's called the ExcelMark personal hand embosser and its kind of self-explanatory, but here are some of its cool features.

  • It's completely customizable; you could insert in your name or business details, address, etc. And the ExcelMark will do the rest for you.
  • It's easy to use and makes a great gift for a fellow crafter or bookworms.
  • It works on all types of paper and leaves a long lasting impression of your name or address depending on what you put in to emboss and can be used on envelopes, books, cards, foil seals, invitations and much much more.

While an embosser seems like something a person who is into crafting would have, I could see us bookworms using it to personalize our books, those brand new novels we get our hands on, and our bookmarks would look so good with our very own embosses. It's also very handy for the times that we lend out our books to friends, how cool is it that they get a book from your very own personal library.

It brings back the vintage brilliance that seals and embosses had a long time ago and what's great is it doesn't end there, there are a variety of inserts in various designs and formats to suit each purpose whether business or personal like "from the library of" and "This book belongs to" and many more. Getting your very own personal seal of your name embossed within your book is as easy as: pick one, customize your name or your business and start embossing.

I hope you all enjoyed these six great products that were made for the book-loving community. While holding a book and turning its pages adds to the timeless hobby, we book lovers can learn to appreciate these sweet inventions as they appeal to our bookworm nature, and help make our hobby of reading much more enjoyable.

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