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7 Ways Rocketbook Erasable Notebooks Will Improve Your Journaling

Rocketbook is the eraseable, reusable, scannable notebook you didn't know you needed!

Rocketbook is the eraseable, reusable, scannable notebook you didn't know you needed!

1. Less Paper Waste

Over the years, as a writer, a planner, a listmaker, and a notetaker, I have used a lot of paper! And the sad thing is that a lot of that paper has just ended up in the garbage or recycling.

Of course, I kept all of my journals, but once a list was made and completed, there was no point in keeping it.

Sometimes, I'd keep notes for a while, but once I realized I didn't need the notes anymore, they became discarded, too. When I was done writing the book, there was no point in keeping the outline that I wrote by hand.

I felt horrible about wasting all that paper! But some things just need to be handwritten.

The Rocketbook products are great to eliminate paper waste.

Once you're done with something you've written, you just erase the ink from the Frixion pen with water and it's gone!

2. You Can Save Notes If You Want

But what if I want to save my doodles and ideas? You might ask. That's the great thing about using a Rocketbook: You don't have to keep anything you've written, but if you want to, you can.

Simply download the Rocketbook app, scan your page, and upload it wherever you want to save it.

You can save your scans to Google Drive, One Note, DropBox, Evernote and a variety of other options. You can even save your scans to places like Trello for team use if you are working with other people.

3. It's the Perfect Bullet Journal

If you love the bullet journal style of planning but hate all the notebooks you go through, Rocketbook is the perfect solution. Everything you might do in a bullet journal can be done more easily in a Rocketbook notebook.

One of the things I love about bullet journals is the simplicity. You don't have to do anything but make a few pages to use throughout the year, and then you use daily pages to jot down all the things you need to remember.

If you do enjoy making it pretty with colors and designs, there are many options for pens and markers. There are different styles of pens and loads of colors to choose from.

4. No Permanence Means No Pressure

Personally, I love the fact that I don't have to save anything I don't want to keep forever. In fact, most of my lists just get erased.

I keep my journal pages, but most of my other pages aren't something I need to have around forever.

Use different pens and markers to make your Rocketbook pretty

Use different pens and markers to make your Rocketbook pretty

5. You Can Design Your Perfect Notebook

There are lots of options with the Rocketbook notebook so you should be able to design something that works exactly the way you want it.

I have one notebook that I took the pages out of and set up to use as a disc bound notebook. I was a Happy Planner nut before this so I disc cut the pages and inserted dividers and folders and put a hard "Happy Planner" cover on it.

Now, I am looking for something simpler so I got two flip Rocketbook notebooks and combined them into one. One side is college-ruled pages and the other side is dot grid pages. If I'm journaling, I use the lined pages. If I want to use my bullet journal, I just turn it over and work backwards.

Other options are the tabbed Rocketbook notebook and the loose pages.

I like the idea of the loose pages because they have holes that fit a 3-ring notebook perfectly. Many people buy several packs with different styles of pages (wide ruled, college ruled, grid, and dot grid) to build a notebook that works exactly the way they need it to!

6. You Can Buy Pre-Formed Planners

Some people don't want to deal with the hassle of creating their own planner. I get that.

Fortunately, Rocketbook has several planners that are all set up and ready for you to plan your life. Their planners options include:

  1. Everyday Planner
  2. Panda Planner
  3. Academic Planner
  4. Teacher Planner

7. There's a Great Community of Rocketbook Users

More and more people are joining the community! As more people join, there is more information and tools being created.

One user loved her Rocketbook so much she created a business on Etsy around selling Rocketbook covers. She offers acrylic covers (both clean and with designs) that protect your notebook and gives you a hard surface to write on.

People in the community also offer templates you can print with advice and knowledge.

A sample of products in the BoomerDIY Etsy store

A sample of products in the BoomerDIY Etsy store

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