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Editorial Policy

FeltMagnet is an artsy, crafty site where writers can come and share original articles with tutorials and insights to help their fellow artists thrive! Whether you’re a beginner or an adept crafter, photographer, or painter, we’ve got new things for you to try. We’re a proud part of the HubPages community of everyday expert writers—please review HubPages’s Editorial Policy before starting to write!

Additionally, before submitting an article to FeltMagnet, please read all of the following suggestions for success.

What We Love to See:

  • Originality: The internet is scattered with all sorts of craft tutorials and ideas—what makes yours unique? We love it when our authors come up with new ideas and/or demonstrate a genuine personal connection to their article’s topic.
  • Authenticity: If you’re writing about a craft you did, make sure you talk about why you made it and include original photos that correspond with each step. If you’re writing a piece about an artist that you love, give a short statement at the beginning of the article, or in the "About the Author Bio" section telling your readers why you’re writing this article (create a bio here).
  • Organization: Since we’re competing primarily with Pinterest, aesthetics are incredibly important on FeltMagnet. We encourage articles (especially tutorials) to be organized in a manner that is very easy for the reader to follow along with—i.e. we suggest that lists or steps be numbered clearly for the reader, with an organized table at the top that displays the list/steps. See How to Do a Pour Painting: A Tutorial for Beginners for inspiration!
  • Style: Classic callout capsules could be used to add emphasis or important tips.
  • Aesthetic: Lastly, we recommend the photograph at the top of the article be the highest-quality, and ideally would include the peppy/upbeat title in stylish text. See How to Prepare a Canvas for Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide for inspiration! Articles that do this tend to have higher social traffic—especially on Pinterest.
  • Titles: Titles that mimic the peppy/upbeat tone of our Pinterest competitor gain more readership. Arts and crafts are fun! Tell the world about it!
  • Integrity: It’s easy to get excited when you find a photo online that you really like for your article—but we need to make sure photographers are credited correctly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that photos be either original work or properly sourced.
  • Consistency: Similarly, when it comes to “idea” articles that are compilations of others’ original crafts, we favor those that are very high-quality, with preference to authors who have tried the crafts themselves and have their own high-quality photos to share. If your article is selected for FeltMagnet, authors are advised to regularly check all of the links they include to ensure the content is still accessible to their readers.

Here are some examples of articles on FeltMagnet that we would like to showcase. These articles exhibit the type of high-quality work we wish to see on the site:


A quick note: All of our Network Sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for FeltMagnet, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, moved to one of our Network Sites like FeltMagnet.