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How to Draw With Liquid Chalk Marker on Windows for a Fancy Window Display

Shelley Szcuzcki is a successful Illustrator and creative design artist.

White Window Liquid Chalk Art Design for Store Design

White Window Liquid Chalk Art Design for Store Design

How to Add a Design on Windows

Liquid window chalk markers or pens are perfect for writing messages and creating art on any glass surface. I have used my liquid chalk pens to paint designs on the inside of store windows for local businesses. Using your pen to adorn a display is a great way to creatively tell a story, decorate for a season, or write up a special menu.

What You'll Need


1. Decide How to Write

Deciding which way to write your caption is totally dependent on which direction will get the most eyes on it as possible.

For example, in a laundromat, I would put any writing the way you would read from the inside. So many people just sit and stare outside. How nice would it be to display a poem or saying so that it can be read inside? Don’t forget to mix it with pictures so that the outside can look nice too.

Most of the designs I do are meant to be read from the outside. For example, people walking down the street. It’s really nice to see an original design to have you welcomed into a store. Because of the easy nature of application of liquid chalk markers, you could do a different design weekly to entice more traffic.


2. Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks while you're drawing. Your hand can get sore from remaining upright for lengths of time. Also, your eyes can get sore from looking through the glass on a sunny day. Try wearing sunglasses to help with this.


3. Choose the Right Tool

I find that the white chalk markers look the best and stand out the most. The white makes it look more trendy and modern. I have found, however, that the green markers look good with the white if you need to add additional color. You can see in the photos that I used the green for a few trees and blended them with the white.


4. How to Clean Up Liquid Chalk Markers

The liquid chalk pens I use are water soluble. Make sure of this before purchasing, otherwise you will have a messy cleanup process. It will say right on the package that the pens come off with just water and a damp cloth. It's as easy as wiping with a damp cloth to remove the liquid chalk from the glass. The windows you see pictured above were all removed within a half an hour.

  • Use the liquid chalk pens inside only. They are water soluble and will wash off with any water. Please do not to use them in high traffic areas, as hands will smudge the design and rub off easily. The marker liquid lasts a long time—as long as it is not touched. It even lasts for a good period of time in direct sunlight.

When Do Designs Look the Best—Day or Night?

I find the white liquid chalk markers look the best from the inside during the day and from the outside when it's sunny. They also look absolutely amazing at night from the inside. I hope you learned a few useful tips and are inspired to design your own!


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