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How to Draw a Princess: Step-by-Step for Kids

Heather is a nursery school teacher. She's had to become quick and efficient at drawing princesses to meet the high demand!


Easy Princess Drawing Tutorial

As my three students Nadia, Carolina and Teresa will tell you, my princess drawings are "the goodest in the world." (Ah, from the mouth of babes!)

I have been drawing princesses for my girls ever since I started working at my nursery school. In fact, every morning, they form a long line in front of my desk, black marker and sheet of paper in hand, ready to describe the princess they would like. Long hair, short hair, high heels, flats, strapless dresses or puffy sleeves—you name it, I draw it. As you can imagine, I have had to become quick and efficient at drawing princesses to meet the high demand!

On this page, you will find an easy tutorial about how to draw a princess step by step for children. My princesses have a simple design but are pretty, easy to colour, and most importantly, fast to draw. Along with the tutorial, I have also included a couple of free princess colouring pages that you can print off and give to your students to colour! There is also a helpful video tutorial you can follow if you'd like to see me go through the steps of drawing a princess.

On this note, I'd say it's about time we stopped reading and started drawing. Got your pens ready? Let's create a beautiful princess!

Face (part I)

Face (part I)

1. Face (Part I)

To start your one-minute princess, draw a three-quarter oval for the face as shown in the picture to your right. Follow up by drawing two round ovals for the eyes, a small pointy nose, and a smiling mouth. Be sure to include the "smile lines" at each side of the mouth—my little ones complain if I forget to draw them in!

Face (part II)

Face (part II)

2. Face (Part II)

Continue to fill in the details of the face by drawing in the eyelids, each complete with two eyelashes. You should now have a pretty little face looking back at you.

One of the simplest hairstyles you can do is long hair with a right-hand parting. To draw the parting, simply draw three lines running down the front of her forehead, just above her eyes to represent the hair. Then, draw another line perpendicular to these three lines to represent the parting. On the other side of this line, draw another slightly rounder line to represent the hair on the other side of her head.



3. Hair

For me, the hair is the most entertaining part of drawing a princess. In this case, our princess has long, straight hair. To create her hair, simply draw three to four flowing lines sprouting out of her head and fringe.

Obviously, not all children will want a princess with long, straight hair. More often than not, they will want a princess in their own image, which means you may be asked to draw short curly hair, pigtails, ponytails, buns or various other styles.

Neck, shoulders and crown

Neck, shoulders and crown

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4. Neck, Shoulders and Crown

Now it's time to sketch in the neck, shoulders and crown!

The neck is easy, as all you need to do is draw two straight lines downwards, one coming from the ear and the other from the chin.

The shoulders extend from the neck, reaching out just beyond the outer strands of hair. Along with the shoulders, you can also draw in the top section of the dress. In this case, I've given her a fur collar with a heart pendant in the centre. I've also given her a pearl necklace to make her appear even more regal!

Upper body

Upper body

5. Upper Body

How you draw the upper body really depends on the body type you want to give your princess. I prefer to give mine a small chest and average-sized waist so they don't end up looking like a Barbie doll. (We don't want to send out the wrong message to our children!)

If you want to draw a childlike princess, all you have to do is flatten the chest by drawing two straight lines down towards the waist. If you like, you can give your princess a belt as I have done here, or you can leave it plain.



6. Arms

Drawing the arms of a princess can be tricky, especially in terms of getting the length correct. A few times I have ended up with a princess that resembles either Mr. Tickle from the Mr. Men series, or Stumpy! Try to have the arms arrive just below the waist for the most natural look possible.

If drawing fingers makes you nervous, you can always draw "mitten hands" as I have done with this princess. Children don't seem to mind either way!

Dress and final details

Dress and final details

7. Dress and the Final Details

Here is the part in which you can go wild! Dresses exists in many forms, so just use your imagination. In this case, I have drawn a long, broad dress decorated with a favourite symbol, the heart. To make it look as if the dress is trailing along the ground, draw a slightly wider oval-shaped base as I have done here. I have also included a number of wavy layers so that my little ones can vary the colouring of the dress.

The shoes can either peep out from underneath the dress as in the case of this princess, or you can have her wearing prominent high heels. I usually ask my students which they would prefer.

How to Draw a Princess Crown

In recent months, I have received many requests for a tutorial on how to draw a crown to go with your already perfect princess! The crown I used in the princess drawing is very basic, so I came up with a slightly more challenging design for you to experiment with.



1. Base

Start your princess crown by drawing in an ever-so-slightly curved base. You want it to be curved so you can give your crown some perspective later on. You can choose to make the base thick, as I have done here, or thin, depending on your personal preference. The base can be coloured red or purple to give it a velvet appearance.



2. Sides

On each side of the base, draw a line that goes up and curves slightly outwards. Draw two circles on the head of each line to create the ornamental bobbles present on many crowns.



3. Top

Follow up by drawing three curved lines that look like waves between the two lines you just drew sprouting out from the base. These lines will form the front of the crown. Continue by adding an ornamental bobble on the tip of each "wave." Keep in mind that the three curved lines should remain equidistant from the curved line of the base.

Back of the crown and jewels

Back of the crown and jewels

4. Back of the Crown and Jewels

Here is the part where the crown becomes fancy! Draw a small "mountain" between each of the ornamental bobbles at the front of the crown. The three mountains you draw will represent the back of the crown. Each mountain "peak" should also have an ornamental bobble attached to it as shown in the drawing. Drawing in the front and the back of the crown gives it three-dimensional depth.

Finish off the drawing by adding a number of jewels. I have decided to draw in three diamonds, with a large one in the centre and two smaller ones flanking it. If you draw crosses in the middle of your diamonds, it will make them look three-dimensional.

Other Tutorials

Do you feel ready to draw a princess? Please comment!

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