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How to Draw a Cat: Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Heather is a language and drawing enthusiast who enjoys helping others realize their visual art skills.

Draw a cat with simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow!

Draw a cat with simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow!

Drawing a Cat Is Easy!

Drawing a cat doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to draw a simple cat using some very basic shapes!

The cat drawn in this tutorial is based on my three-year-old orange kitty, Marigold, who, in her calmest of moments, enjoys crossing one paw over the other, as if she were an Egyptian sphinx. You will find her in this position on almost any narrow surface no matter how uncomfortable - the arm of a chair, the window ledge, and even my leg! As such, it seemed appropriate to represent her in this peculiar position.

I do hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you do draw a cat, please send it to me so I may share it on this page!

All drawings are the property of the author, Heather Broster. Do not use without permission.

A finished drawing of a cat

A finished drawing of a cat

Have no confidence in drawing?

No worries! With this helpful tutorial, you'll be drawing cute cats in no time!


1. The Head

The first step is very easy. Simply draw a roundish oval shape in the middle of your page. This oval will represent your cat's head. Do not make the oval too long (as it will give your cat a less attractive appearance)!


2. The Posterior

Next, draw a longer oval below the first oval. The top of the second oval should sit just above the middle of the head. The bottom line of the head should serve as the invisible line that would divide the second oval in half.


3. The Anterior

Next, draw a third oval. This oval should look more circular than the second oval - similar to a round piece of play dough that has been dropped on a table surface. Just under two-thirds of the third oval should sit within the boundaries of the first and second oval. The lower third should stick out the bottom.

In short, you should have a long oval flanked by two smaller, rounder ovals that overlap. Refer to the picture to the right for a clearer image.


4. Cleaning up the Body

This is the step where these three abstract ovals should start resembling a cat! Erase all the lines within the first oval (the head). Do the same with the third oval (the anterior) but make sure the head is in the foreground. The second oval (posterior) should be erased, save the two lines jutting out on either side of the head and the anterior.


5. The Face and Ears

Now it is time to bring out kitty to life! Start by drawing two triangular ears on the top of the head. Draw two smaller triangles inside to represent the inner ear.

For the face, draw a triangle shape in the centre of the face. From the nose, draw two hooks coming down to form the mouth. If you choose, you can draw a couple of lines coming out from the muzzle to make whiskers. Above the nose, draw two small ovals and a curved line above each to create the eyes.


6. The Paws and Tail

In the case of explaining Marigold's sphinx position, a picture is worth a thousand words. The impression you ultimately need to give is that your cat's paws are crossed. As such, start by drawing one paw that curved upwards, leaving space for the other paw underneath. Make sure the two paws are the same size. If you wish, draw a few lines on each paw to show where her lethal claws are hiding!

Then, above the head, draw a wiggly line for the tail. Doing so will give your cat cartoon true depth.

Property of Heather Broster

Property of Heather Broster

7. The Finished Product

Now it is time to add the finishing touches. You can choose to "decorate" your cat however you like. I have chosen to give her stripes, as my Marigold has tabby markings. Other options include spots or nothing at all! Remember that it's your cat - you are free to choose!

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MrInfopreneur on June 14, 2012:

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