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5 Simple and Easy Color Pencil Tips

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Tips for using coloring pencils

Tips for using coloring pencils

1. The Best Way to Hold Your Pencil

You know how hard it is to sharpen your pencil each time to maintain a sharp tip. Also, note that many artists prefer shaving the pencil tip to avoid the wastage of lead. This leads to the first trick.

The way you hold your pencil can make a huge difference to the aforementioned problem. I have noticed that when I hold the pencil in a slight angular form and then keep turning it in a circular motion while coloring, the tip is still sharp enough that I don't have to sharpen the pencil quite often. Keeping the pencil in this position whenever you color is not possible, but keeping it so for most of the time can save time and reduce wastage.

Photo by javier gonzalez

Photo by javier gonzalez

2. Don't Press Your Pencil Too Hard Onto the Paper

Have you ever had the problem of breaking the lead or tip of the pencil while coloring? Trust me, friend, I have been there. And the solution that I found was as simple as to say: Stop pressing the color pencil so harshly!

This is the most straightforward answer and the only real solution to this problem. It is hard to control the pressure that you apply while using the pencil, especially for beginners. Hold your pencil slightly in the middle and try coloring. This also helps you in having an idea if your shading is on point while doing realism.

Now, while doing this you might notice that the color is light, and there arises our next problem. How do you get rich colors when sketching this lightly? How do I fill in those white spaces? This leads us to the next tip.


3. Cross-Hatching, Scribbling, and Layering

We all have been to at least one art class, either at school or at an art institution, or home. The basic rule most of them teach us is to color in one direction, and many of us would continue doing this for our entire art journey without even realizing it.

I would tell you to break this rule. While coloring (lightly or hardly), you will notice small white spots on the paper. Cross-hatching, scribbling, and layering the colors will fill in those gaps and give you a rich smooth look on paper.

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This is also a way for you to practice blending two or more colors.

4. Blending Colors

When I was a beginner, I found it hard to blend colors on paper. If you have practiced the methods that I have mentioned in the previous point, then blending is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Take two or more colors, preferably same shade of a color (for practice, say orange, red and brown). Take the orange and start coloring one side inside the box. Now, take brown and color the other side of the box. Do not forget the previous points that I have mentioned; always remember them, they can be handy. Now, take red to layer and scribble on top of orange and brown to blend them. Watch the video at the end of the article to get an idea.

Or else, say you have used violet and dark violet but it is way too dark, then use white to blend the color as well to lighten the shade.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

5. Use Your Fingers, Not Your Wrist

Now, let's move on to the last general tip that I want to share. It is a common mistake that most beginners make.

One of the major problems that you might face while coloring is straining your arm. This happens because either you are pressing the pencil too hard (as mentioned earlier) or you might be using your wrist to color instead of your fingers. This is also a factor that could be limiting you from making any further progress in your artwork. Many people do not notice that they are using their wrists.

To change this, practice moving the pencil using just your fingers and hands. You could do some practice with a pencil by drawing some random circles, lines, and curves.

That's it for today. Hope this was helpful. What tips did you like the most? Do you have any tips that you want to share? Feel free to do so in the comment section. Also, let me know if you want to know about any other topic related to art.

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